Tuesday, May 29, 2012

No bad news is not necessarily good news

Have you noticed the news lately?  There really hasn't been anything worthwhile that's been reported.  Perhaps it's because our "news" channel using an antenna is France24 or perhaps it's because the media is trying to sway people into thinking all is well?

Yahoo's headlines for today:
Blitzer says that Trump's birther remarks are ridiculous.  Now this is important isn't it?  His mother was a US citizen so where he was born shouldn't matter, unless the rule is you have to have two parents who are US citizens if you are born outside the USA or you have to be born in the USA.  That isn't clear to me although I'm sure someone will tell me.  After all, my nephew was born yesterday in England.  He is an American citizen.  Both his parents are Americans.  They are not pledging his allegiance to England.  He can grow up to be president.  Obama has been in office for four years.  Even if he loses this next election and it comes out that he shouldn't have been in office it's not like we can erase the last four years and have a do over.  (Maybe like the TV show Dallas -- that entire season was just a bad dream, everything gets to go back to the way it was.)

The head person at the National Weather Service retired due to a controversy.  His department was given money and he passed it along to the offices that needed it rather than spend it all in one place.  That was against the rules so he's now out.

Wildfires are burning in at least 3 states.  Welcome to summer.

Google wasn't much better:
Mitt Romney clinched the Republican nomination with his win in Texas.  And we were expecting ??? to overtake him?

Bob Dylan was given the Medal of Freedom by President Obama.  I've been waiting with bated breath.

Blackberry company RIM is not doing well.  This isn't expected?

US, allies expel Syrian diplomats over massacre.  Finally a story that's important news about what is going on in the world. 

But that's all for the news on the two biggest sources of news for most of the country.  I feel so safe and realize that prepping is for naught.  The world and the country are perfectly fine.  Or so I'm supposed to think.

I'm sorry to say that France24 has better headlines:
UN backed action in Syria is an option.

Second earthquake in Italy.  This one killed 16 including a bunch of rescue workers.

Thousands are protesting the elections in Egypt.  The two in the run-off are Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Mohamed Morsi, and Shafiq, who was prime minister under Mubarak.  Protesters set fire Shafiq's headquarters.  The protests are because the youth who participated in the initial protests don't trust either the Muslim Brotherhood or the military.  Were they really expecting things to go well?  Muslim Brotherhood is going to win and Egypt is going to be set back decades. 

State of emergency in Peru after anti-mining protesters two were killed and a hostage was taken.  They are protesting the Tinaya copper mine which is the world's 4th largest copper producing mine.  I'm sure this won't help lower the price of copper or stop the copper thefts we have here in the US.

France has had a rash of suicides over the past couple weeks.  People are purposefully getting hit by trains.  According to the report 16 people per 1000 have the suicide "disease" as compared to the UK and Spain who only have about 7 people per 1000 with this disease.

Unity plans between Tuaregs and Islamists in North Mali collapse.  They now have a new Islamic state.  Just what the world needed...

I suppose I'd rather read the US news.  After reading what's really happening I don't feel as comfortable.  Either I'd better keep my head buried in the sand or I'd better get back to prepping. 

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  1. You must have missed the 100 celebrity headlines, r that annoying Kia ad that moves the page down, then back up (on yahoo).
    I get most of my info from the bbc, and then it's bluegrass music for the rest of the free time I have, much better than news.