Thursday, November 29, 2012

How many guns go to school?

Way back when I was in high school people brought guns to school.  It was encouraged since many schools had shooting teams.  It wasn't an odd sight or anything that would bring about panic.  Not today.  Now the laws, at least in California, are that you can not bring a gun on campus.  I wonder how many of the bad guys are going to follow that rule?  I bet most gang bangers who are always armed don't lock their guns up when they go to watch their kid in a school program.  Even those convicted felons who are allowed to have weapons are probably carrying their guns. 

What is the law abiding citizen supposed to do?  I have a concealed weapon permit.  Our county sheriff happily passes them out.  She said that she encourages carrying weapons because our sheriff's department is unable to quickly respond at times.  But when I go to the school I'm supposed to keep the weapon at home.  I suppose I could keep it locked in the truck and not park on campus.  Then if someone starts shooting I could merrily dash back to my truck, all the while shouting to stop shooting until I get my weapon to shoot back.  I don't think that would work.  I know many people who break the law (and I'm certainly not going to admit to that...) and carry on campus.  As long as there aren't metal detectors at the entrance to the school they just come on in and keep their concealed weapon concealed. 

If a shooter started taking out the kids, I wonder what the penalty would be for the concealed carrier who took out the shooter?  They'd probably get nailed with a felony for having the weapon on campus, never mind that dozens of lives could have possibly been saved. 

I was thinking about the campus shootings throughout the country since those days that kids were allowed to carry weapons to school.  This week Girl had a performance at school and the auditorium was packed with about 250 people.  What would have happened if there was a shooter?  I know it's not the normal for nice country schools to have a shooter, but what if?  I bet there were several dozen people watching the kids that were armed. None were gang bangers, just concerned citizens.  There are a few teachers who read this blog.  What would you prefer?  A weapon free zone or weapons allowed?   

Army daughter called today to ask if I could watch granddaughter.  She is sick and the little one is running her ragged.  She needs to keep her head over the pot and then sleep.  Husband can't get off work.  Please can I come get the kid?  Sure, I'm about done with today's office packing.  I can leave a little early to pick her up.  The only problem is now that it's evening, whatever Army daughter has, I think I'm getting it too.  Just what I need.  A two year old here when I'm sick.  No matter how she's doing, tomorrow morning she gets to pick the little one up. 

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  1. Great questions. Years ago before I started shooting as I do now, I had a student pulled from my class. He was found to be carrying a handgun. I would have never suspected him, but he was fearful of some others after his brother.

    I know teachers with a concealed carry permit. As far as I know they don't carry on campus. I have talked about getting a permit, the local police chief has agreed to sign for me, but my biggest dilemma is the inability to carry at school. I ride a bike to school,I can't really park off campus.I do coach off campus and many nights am alone after 10 pm.

    I do wish we as teachers were allowed to carry on campus, even there was a requirement for extra training.