Thursday, November 8, 2012

The plastic isn't quite working out as planned

My plan was to make an enclosure out of plastic by my front door and also in front of the family room.  I want to make mini greenhouses where I can open the living room door or the front door and have nice moist warm air come into the house.  First, the plastic isn't clear like plastic wrap or cheap drop cloths.  It's white.  It lets light in but you can't see out.  The front door plastic covers the front door and one living room window and the bigger area in front of the family room covers the living room door that goes outside.  This means I can't see out from the windows to the front porch, the driveway, and half of the front yard.  If I want to see out front I have to go to my library but even there most of the driveway is cut off from view because of the plastic across the front porch.  In order to see up the driveway I have to go to the kids rooms.  I can see on the porch from the living room but can't see any further out.  So for safety measures, it's a bad idea. 
If I keep those windows and doors locked then is it much of an issue at this time?  Probably not.  I don't answer the front door anyway.  People who know us come around to the back.  People who don't, they don't get out of their vehicles because big dog won't let them.  Still it's disconcerting to not be able to see out.  I'm probably going to take it all down.  But, it is working and while it's really chilly outside it's at least 10-15 degrees warmer inside the plastic enclosures.  If I set them up really well, which would mean tacking a board to the fascia, not just stapling the plastic to the fascia, then it would be more secure.  I saw one really nice clear sun room that would work beautifully in front of the family room.  Unfortunately that means a lot more money than I have to spend.  At the moment, my spending has to be zero. 
The neighbor brought me over 1/2 gallon of pomegranate juice.  I immediately took 1/2 gallon of sugar and added it to the juice.  I boiled it then simmered it then poured it into my jars that I bought earlier in the year from Speciality Bottle.  I made labels with our last name then a clip art of a pomegranate and then Grenadine Syrup.  It turned out great.  I got on line on Amazon and they had gourmet grenadine for $4.49 for 5 ounces.  My 5 ounce bottles of syrup, including the cost of the bottle, were just a little over one dollar.  Maybe I should go into business?  They will make nice gifts.  I'm hoping the neighbors will bring over more juice.  If not, I'll be picking off their trees in another week and then I'll be able to make my own juice. 
Here's the information on buying the bottles, just in case you like the idea of making fruit syrups or sauces for gifts.  If I'm just making for our own storage I wouldn't be putting it into these bottles, instead I'd just use regular canning jars.  But having kids around, I pour it from my canning jar into these bottles.  It's easier for the kids to not use way too much if they are pouring it out of the bottle with a plug dripper insert. 
5 oz. Round glass bottle with cap .79 each (10 oz. bottles are .97 each)
Plug Dripper Insert .09 each
Shrink Bands $5.00 for 250


  1. How about:
    2 lathe strips and some staples.
    One strip 40% down the window, one strip 60% down the window (both horizontal).
    The white plastic goes from the top to the top strip, bottom to the bottom strip.
    Clear plastic covers the 20% in between the strips giving you visibility.

    Sort of like a security slot in a door, but it's open. You could do it on the porch as well. you could make more than 1 security slot, based on standing height and sitting height (so you can glance from the table or couch out the window without standing up).

    Just a thought that would keep your main idea working and cover the security aspect. If you don't have lathe strips I have a feeling you have something you could use, even if you had to rip a board.

    1. Good idea. I will try it that way. Lathe strips, old grape stakes, nobody will know the difference!