Monday, November 19, 2012

Unloading the truck

Yesterday I spent four hours unloading my pickup.  It didn't really take that long to just take everything out.  As I took everything out I had to sort through mine or states.  I'm not quite done sorting but I'm getting there.  Because I probably won't have a vehicle assigned to me in my new job I won't be carrying a full load of equipment in that vehicle.  I will, instead, be adding more to my everyday carry in my own truck. 

What do I now have extra of?  My work truck had a sleeping bag, two weeks of MREs, a couple cases of water and Gatorade, two pairs of boots, rain gear, two weeks of clothes, a backpack, hardhat, gloves, two medical bags, GPS, Kestrel (weather machine), camera, snow chains, shovel, rake, fencing tool, water purifier, and a bunch more stuff.  Other than the two medical bags (one is mine and one is the states but the stuff is all mixed up between the two) everything got put away.

I have one pair of heavy boots in my family truck, one pair in the trailer, and now four pairs in my closet.  What do I need with another two weeks of pants/t-shirts/underclothes, etc?  Wait until Boy or Girl grow into them? The tools will just go out to the barn or into the tool chest depending on size.  The GPS and Kestrel will be put away until the others break.  Snow chains?  That's easy, they go into the family truck, which didn't have a set.  I can always use good leather gloves.  Not that I'll ever go through the six pairs of long gloves plus the dozen pairs of regular gardening variety leather gloves...

The best of the extras are the medical supplies and the MREs.  I forgot that I had two stethoscopes in the bags.  I also have two additional cervical collars and a large splint.  That's always good to have.  And the endless supply of gauze, which I stocked up on after I was first on scene (and only one on scene for 20 minutes) at a double fatal rollover accident.  No, I didn't need the gauze for the dead people only the alive people!  One accident can use up lots and lots of gauze.  I also had a birthing kit.  Hope I never have to use that! 

Having the two cases of MREs will really help stock up on the MRE supply.  I'll put more into the family truck because I only have a few days worth of food in that truck. 

The problem I have now that my family truck will be my main vehicle is it doesn't have a camper shell or toneau cover.  It's easy enough to throw a few tools in the back, but I can't really keep all my supplies in the back.  I keep them under the seat now but since I'm adding additional supplies I'll need more supply space.  I am going to have to inconvenience myself a bit by putting supplies in a bin and while I'm driving keep the bin in the bed of the truck and while I'm parked put the bin inside the truck.  Inconvenient but necessary. I may end up investing in a shell, which would not only hold my stuff more conveniently but also will hold me safer and drier if I need to sleep in the truck. 

For now, I'll continue to sort through the medical gear. 

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  1. Birthing kit, I'm sure it's not 2 large spoons... yes, my mind works wonders. I'll google it.

    How are you going to secure gas in the family truck, do you have a bed tank like a lot of farm trucks use?

    We were lucky enough to get a headache rack and bed storage box for free via work, the storage box has all kinds of goodies in it. It locks as well perhaps craigslist shop for one of those on the cheap until you decide to get a shell.

    I'm still excited for you and your new adventure!