Saturday, November 24, 2012

Note to self: shopping list and chore list

It's easy to remember what big items we need to replace.  If the toilet stops working we figure out the problem and run to the hardware store to purchase what we need.  If the backyard hose needed a new washer you wouldn't stop what you are doing and run to the store, would you?  I wouldn't.  Then, when I'd go to the store I'd forget most of the little things that are needed.  I've started writing down lists of items needing to be purchased. 

While reattaching the hoses last spring I had to change out four or five rubber washers.  Those washers either got hard or disintegrated.  I didn't have any on hand so I took washers off other things.  Note to self: spend a couple bucks and get a couple packs.

Army daughter busted a light bulb.  The heat lamps for the baby chicks need regular light bulbs, not florescent.  Note to self:  Go through house and inventory the types of light bulbs.  Standardize where possible.  Buy light bulbs.

I never bought the vent covers for the trailer.  I just keep covering the vents with plastic.  Someday I'll remember.  Not if I don't write it down.  When great grandparent asks what I want for my birthday I always come up with something stupid because I can't ever think of anything.  Note to self: Look at the list when someone asks what you want. I'll take two vent covers please.  Here's all the information for buying them on line or at the local camper world. 

What about in the kitchen?  San Diego sister likes to make a trip to Winco when she comes up here once or twice a year.  She went shopping yesterday afternoon.  On her way out the door she asked me if there was anything I needed from the store.  I pride myself in never needing anything from the store.  That doesn't mean I don't shop, it means that I have a complete home store that I don't run out.  I don't ever need to pick something up right away.  But since I recently decided to keep a list of things that went flying through my brain I actually said yes.  There is something I need.  I ran out of almond extract.  I couldn't remember what I used it for when I ran out (I made macaroon cookies) but I had written it down on a paper taped onto the refrigerator.  If I didn't have it written down I wouldn't have remembered.  After all, I couldn't even remember what I used it up on! 

This note to self also works for chores that need to be done.  While I do a few things each day, on the weekend the grand kids and I usually spend several hours cleaning, fixing, and just doing general chores around the place.  If I had to sit down on Saturday morning and think about what needed to get done we'd probably miss out on some things that should be high on the list.  Instead, at my breakfast place at the counter (the kids usually eat breakfast at the kitchen table and I at the counter stool) I keep a chore list.  I write things down on it each day, either at breakfast or whenever something comes to mind.  Then on Saturday morning I go through the list and write down about twice as many chores as I expect we will accomplish.  I put a B or G or M (boy, girl, me) in front of each chore.  Some chores may have BG or GM, etc if I expect more than one person to do the chore.  The rest of the chores we try to get through during the week.  It all starts again the next week. 

Now, if I know I'm stopping at a hardware store or a grocery store I can pick up those things I need but would forget about.  Note to self really works.  It can save you time and money.  Then you will have more time and more money for more note to self items. 


  1. I'm the worst with spices. I have a ton of them I rarely use and the ones I use all the time I never seem to have a backup. I did an inventory and added a few to the grocery list.

    I have a long term list as well for the bigger ticket items/jobs. I don't have a chore list, anything I don't feel like doing I farm out to the mormom neighbor kids.

  2. I've been making lists for a while now. And they work quite well when I don't forget them.
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I have a white board, a cork board and a list in my office; as well as another white board with a list for the students. And I still forget some things.