Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gifts that are useful

It's time to start thinking about buying and making gifts for people.  Christmas, Chanukah, birthday, anniversary, whatever the occasion I like giving gifts and although most people won't admit it about themselves, I like receiving gifts.  At least, I like receiving useful gifts.  I know, we are supposed to appreciate the gift because the giver thought enough to give it to us, but sometimes I wonder.  Do people really put a lot of effort into gift giving?  Do they get something that you would like or that you can use?

As I've said before, I think one of the best gifts ever is a fruit tree or plant. That is really a gift that keeps on giving.  Even an apartment dweller can grow vegetable plants indoors instead of non-producing house plants. 

Last year I gave several people pocket chain saws.  They liked them although at first they were a little surprised about the uniqueness of the gift.  I've given batteries, first aid kits, canning jars and cook books.  A couple of months ago Costco had a package of two flashlights for $20 that run on either AA batteries or by solar power.  I bought a couple of packages to use for gifts this year.  I also got a good deal on WD40.  I'm not sure how well that one will go over. 

There are so many things that I would love to have as gifts.  When the younger ones ask what I'd like I always have a list of very inexpensive items, things that you can never have too much of.   Canning lids are around two dollars.  So are sewing needles, both heavy duty and standard types, and thread.  Any type of fishing tackle would be great.  Scoops for the kitchen or animal feed.  Pencils.  Glue.  Superglue.  A Swingaway can opener.  Crayons, packages of computer paper, the list goes on and on.  Gifts that I used to give when I was a child were aluminum foil and tape.  Of course, I'd use most of it, but that's the kind of thing that children do. 

The gifts you give can be useful and help the unsuspecting prepare for the future. 

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