Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Storage Buckets and noodles

Did you know that Lowes carries food grade storage buckets?  I looked at the manufacture of the buckets and found that they are made in America (no foreign food buckets for me!) and they had websites.  I looked them up and they are food grade!  They carry many sizes from quart containers to five gallon buckets. 

Even though five gallon buckets would be more economical (about the same price) I settled for their 2 1/2 gallon buckets due to the weight of moving around filled buckets .  It's pretty easy to lug 10-15 pounds rather than twice as much in the 5 gallons.  Unfortunately, this means not being able to use gamma lids.  I may end up with both sizes because the small buckets only hold about 5 pounds of noodles.  On the other hand having the smaller buckets will enable me to get a better variety.  We have about 100 pounds of noodles right now.  Spaghetti, rigatoni, elbow macaroni, shells, and plain noodles are stored.  We have enough gravy mix, spaghetti sauce, and cheese mix to vary what gets put on the noodles. 


  1. Do you use mylar bags and oxygen absorbers with the noodles?

  2. These are different from the "Homer" buckets?

  3. Check the brands on the buckets. According to Encore plastics all their containers are food grade except the ones that use recycled plastic. I don't use mylar bags and oxygen absorbers yet. I don't have enough of a food supply. Since I rotate food, and I know that noodles keep in the boxes on the grocery store shelf for two years, I don't have a problem not super storing them. I have about a two year supply so I figure they will always be fresh. Once I go over this amount I will start storing them for the long term.