Sunday, September 26, 2010

My seeds and the office folks

I was at the office Friday and a package had come for me.  It was waiting for a couple of days but I had been in the field since Tuesday and wasn't aware that it had arrived.  Everyone was curious what it was.  I was surprised that it hadn't been opened, or at least had gone through some bomb sniffing dogs or something.  I opened the box and it was the non-hybrid seeds that I won in the contest from Modernsurvivalonline.  I was very excited but didn't open the mylar packaging.  I will in the spring when I plant the seeds.  I explained to the onlookers what they were.  We then had a discussion, ok I spoke, and they giggled, about non-hybrid seeds and the difference between them and hybrid seeds.  I also explained about heirloom seeds and all the different types of vegetables that can be grown and why one type of seed is superior to the other. 

Well, as I expected this group of people wasn’t interested in any discussions.  I couldn’t really continue because I didn’t want to bring the limelight on to me. 

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