Friday, September 17, 2010

Keeping people OUT

In the book Patriots a great deal of time was spent armoring the house, having lookouts on the property, foxholes to hide in, and fences and gates to keep people off of the property.  People still got in and eventually the entire house was destroyed.  The people in this story were able to bring their supplies into the woods and somehow have a private encampment there for a couple more years before things settled back down and they could "go home". 
Let's get back to my reality and probably yours as well.  We aren't going to be armoring the house.  We probably aren't going to be digging foxholes to hide in to ambush trespassers although I bet I could talk the kids into digging these for when they "play" war.  What we all can do though is have sturdy fences and gates.   
I just took another step.  Actually, the entire property is fenced with heavy duty hog/cattle panels.  These are 16 foot long, 4 foot high panels with wire welds.  You need bolt cutters to cut panels.  You only need wire cutters to cut the connecting wires apart.  The panels are held in place with heavy duty t-posts every 8 feet and wire.  This means you can cut four or five wires, pull two t-posts, and you are in.  On the other hand, it's easy to hop over too.   Our dog likes to eat people who do this! 
The back fence does have a row of trees lining the fence.  The animals keep it clipped up so I can see the entire perimeter fence line from the house (with the aid of binoculars since my eyesight isn't what it used to be). 

Assuming someone is going to come from the front off the road rather than the back through other people's properties, I needed a gate across the driveway.  I just ordered a 6 foot tall, commercial grade, wrought iron fence and gate.  The fence is only covering the portion of the driveway that won't have the gate.  Otherwise the place is surrounded by the cattle panels.  From the front I do have two sets of panels protecting the house because I've made a small pasture up front.  I've also planted trees in this pasture so it's more like and obstacle course and not a straight shot from the road to the house.  Someday I'd like to put the wrought iron across the entire front.  I don't see that as being the priority for the money though so it's going to be a while.  If I am able to wrought iron I won't take down the panels, instead the plan is to plant blackberries between the two sets of fences.  If there are animals in the front pasture they will be able to eat the berries that encroach into the pasture but the fence and berries will be a good deterrent. 

Tractor Supply Company is running a sale this week on a driveway alarm for $70.  I'm ordering one and if it doesn't work, I'll let you know.


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