Monday, September 27, 2010

More weekend fun

We went to a family party over the weekend.  Actually there were lots of get togethers.  Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday evening, Sunday morning.  The biggest party was Saturday evening.  Over 100 people were gathered at my relative's house.  Included in this were about 50 very well behaved teenagers. 


Of course, what came to mind for me?  What if there was some sort of emergency?  What about a medical emergency?  An earthquake maybe?  What would we do with all these teenagers?  How would they get home?  Most of them lived within 10 miles, so they could walk.  They were in party clothes and not wearing hiking shoes.  We were up in the hills.  What about water mains breaking or fires breaking out?  I have a fire extinguisher and 5 gallon firefighting water backpack in the truck.  The backpack and a McCloud have put out many fires. 


My rescue bag was in the truck.  I have a case of bottled water to wash off road rash, and lots of gauze and gloves to deal with bleeding. 


Prior to driving there I got onto Google earth.  I looked at the maps and was able to figure out many different ways to get out of dodge.  I printed up maps that showed the satellite view plus the street names.  I parked away from the party house so my truck wasn't jammed in with the rest of the visitors.  We had fun shoes on but had our boots in the truck.  I didn't drink any alcohol. I was armed. 


The weekend went smoothly.  We stopped at Ikea on our way out of town.  That's another place I wouldn't want to be during an emergency situation.  They want you to park in the parking garage across the street from the store.  There are three exits for about 1000 cars.  No thanks.  I parked down the street.  I picked up shelving that is going to hide my new spare room.  The room will be done before my self imposed deadline of October 10th. 


It's just good to be home listening to the crickets chirp and the coyotes howl.

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