Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 10, game over, I win! I did find something I was missing in my storage program

Ten days and I didn't buy anything except the paint for the fascia.  The only thing we ran out of was liquid milk.  The kids didn't mind the powdered milk.  I also gave them more juice.  Around here juice is a couple of pieces of fruit off the tree, blend together with a little water and crushed ice.  Delicious!  We make some unusual combinations that you'll never see in the store.  Kumquat, peach, cherry juice is one example.  The kids discovered that grapefruit is good.  We have one tree that has yellow grapefruit.  That fruit definitely needs a little sugar when you eat it.  The grandkids don't like it.  We also have a tree with pink grapefruit on it.  I picked one of those and offered slices to everyone.  Bug-out renters son said it was the most delicious grapefruit ever.  Get a 25 year old young man to say that and all of a sudden 8 year old grandson loves grapefruit.  Granddaughter wasn't home when we were feasting so I don't know if she's going to like it or not.  I'm hoping she doesn't and that boy only liked it because renters son did.  The tree is still really small and I'm only getting half a dozen this year.  I don't want to share!  In four or five more years it will give me more than I'll be able to eat.
It was a lazy day today.  I worked a little more on the chicken coop.  Renters son and boy went hunting for duck eggs and found three that were recently laid.  They are in the refrigerator for breakfast tomorrow.  I pulled a bunch of weeds and gave them to the chickens.  I set up an automatic waterer for the sheep.  Boy kept asking if we could shoot.  I told him if he got all his chores done and was good.  Well, he did, so we did.  I had him draw some targets on 8x11 paper.  He hung two up on the fence by the garden.  He wanted to shoot the .38 special.  I said let's shoot the 22 rifle.  Ok.  I got out the ear protection and shooting glasses.  He was so excited.  He had to show me how to check a gun to make sure it wasn't loaded.  We then loaded it and he got to take one shot.  He handed me the rifle and walked up to the target.  About 4 inches above the target but right through the fence.  No dead chickens with that shot.  We shoot through the garden into the chicken coop run area.  This part of their coop has a wooden wall, which I had put up specifically to shoot through.  The property is 1/4 mile deep but I figure with one or two pieces of wood to shoot through, the bullet should end up somewhere in the back pasture and not get into the dead vineyard behind us.  Actually at the end of the property are two rows of trees, then the vineyard.  There usually isn't anyone in the dead vineyard, which is almost 1/2 mile deep, and beyond that is a large embankment.  I would say it's rather safe to shoot in the backyard, especially if it's the 22.  There isn't a roost area in the part of the coop we are shooting through so it's just about impossible to actually shoot a chicken. 
I shot two shots, both in his center circle.  Renters son shot two shots.  I couple inches away from my holes but still good.  Grandson ended up hitting the target once and shooting the fence twice.  Pretty good considering the rifle is way too big for him.  Next came the .38 special.  Grandson tried to shoot it but couldn't pull the trigger.  That's too bad.  I was hoping it would knock him back a bit, although I was helping him to stay steady.  He tried pulling the trigger twice and then I said no, you aren't strong enough for this one yet.  Perhaps by the end of summer we'll try it again.  Renters son wanted to shoot it.  Ok but only one shot.  He shot it and thought it was cool.  He missed the target though but got a good hole in the coop. 
Back to not buying for the 10 days.  I figured it was going to be easy to not spend any money shopping for a week and a half.  I missed not getting a Slurpee for the kids.  That's really the only type of spending that we do that's "wasted" money...but the kids don't think it's wasted as it makes for yet another great memory of childhood.  I did find something that is needed that's not in my storage program.  Oldest daughter called to say that the two puppies she has had to be treated for worms.  It's probable that the two yip-yips and the puppy we have and our big dog have worms.  Perhaps the cats do too.  I don't have any pet wormer in my program.  It's not anything that ever crossed my mind.  In fact, I don't have too many meds for the animals.  This is the first year we've ever had fleas, ticks, and now worms.  I need to research this more and go out and spend some money.


  1. I regularly give my pets(chickens too) diatomaceous earth for worms.As far as I know it works!

  2. Hmmm... you are making me think... where am I really at with my prepping? your days sound like mine!

  3. Great finishing the 10 day test. We're still talking and now with the wedding over, we may move on to doing the test.

  4. I use diatomaceous earth too. You can get a HUGE bag at a farm store that will last you forever and a day!

  5. We have successfully used minced raw garlic mixed with our dogs food to get rid of worms. The buggers can hardly get out of there fast enough! :-)
    Seems like it initially takes up to a week to get worms out, then garlic a couple times a week for maintenance. Also keeps the mosquitos away.

  6. Now that I'm thinking about I, garlic worked to keep fleas and ticks off the dogs too. :-)