Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Mexico and Western Texas, are you ready?

According to the power company, if the fire in Arizona comes near their high voltage power lines, they will shut them down.  This means people in New Mexico and Western Texas, 370,000 customers, will be on rolling blackouts.  Rolling blackouts may mean an hour or two at a time or perhaps half a day, more of an inconvenience than anything else.  For those of you on wells, do you have water backup?  What about your refrigerators and freezers?   Are they full?  Full freezers hold their cold better than a half empty freezer. Do you have an ice chest ready so the things you will need for a couple of days can be in that rather than opening and closing the fridge or freezer?  If you are in a heat wave do you have a way to keep cool without your air conditioner?  Perhaps you should make some ice blocks out of old milk jugs.  You have a day and a half to prepare.  They are expecting the fire to get to the lines on Friday.

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