Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 6, still haven't spent money

This really isn't much of a challenge, not spending money.  Usually on Wednesdays I buy the grandkids slurpees if we go to town.  They didn't get one this time but we made snowcones at home.  We will run out of liquid milk today.  We still have liquid milk in the quart shelf-stable containers but I'm not using them for this 10 day run.  Army daughter bought some milk for her and son-in-law.  It's a different % of fat than we use so they can keep on using theirs and we'll use powdered.  After all, they aren't playing.  I'm doing this experiment to see what I may overlook over a ten day or two week period, not to really use up my preps.  We aren't running low on anything that's food related.  I'm really not kidding when I say that I've got six months worth of food in the cabinets, and that's not even the stored stuff for survival.  But, perhaps there is something that I'm overlooking.  I'm expecting to need something that's not food related. 

The grandkids worked on the chicken coop, putting up some solid walls.  They didn't use up all my nails, although I don't have a five or ten year supply of them here at home.  The wood was from the old fence panels I picked up from the junk pile at work. 

I'd love to find some cotton seeds to buy and plant a couple of cotton plants.  I haven't had any luck finding this locally, which is odd since so many large farms within two hours of here plant cotton.  They must order seeds from some large company.  

I'm not looking at the store ads, so that way I don't know what good deals I'm missing.  I did buy Royal gelatin from Walgreens last week at 5 for a dollar before I stopped shopping.  I saw Weber bbqs on sale just in time for Father's Day.  I'll wait.

Grandson came in asking if he can paint his bike.  He also wants new handles for it.  I wonder what the condition of the seat is?  I have lots of the green slime to keep the tires from going flat but I don't have a lot of other parts or accessories for the bikes.  Now if we were in a hunker down situation the children wouldn't be out riding on their bikes.  But if it's anything less than that, having their bikes is a good way to burn some energy.  I think I will make a list of bike parts they can break.  There are also solid tires which would be so much better than tube tires.  Money to spend...just not now.

The grandkids came to the office with me on Monday.  Most people left between 4:30 and 5:00.  We stayed until 5:30.  Prior to heading out we decided to have timed races in the parking lot.  Run from my truck to that red truck parked at the other building.  They are so competitive that it's easy for me to get them to do something active.  I got out my GPS which had a stopwatch.  They ran a couple of times against each other then I had them run individually but against the clock.  They kept running trying to improve their times.  Then they ran around my building.  In all, they ran a little over a mile.  Just for fun.  They weren't even winded.  I ran it once.  They smoked me.  I'm getting old...


  1. You can get cotton seed from a number of sources. This is a good place to and if you don't want a GMO seed, don't get any from a local big farmer. We grow cotton via contract...the company brings us the seed...we grow their seed the way they want...and it's 2010 93% of the cotton produced in the US was GM.

  2. Do you mind me asking what you want to do with the cotton? Just curious...

  3. There are many uses for cotton balls, in fact, I think I'll write about it tonight. Thanks for the idea...