Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to make a work trip into a survival challenge for children

No, nothing has gone wrong on my trip so far.  Hope it stays that way!  But as I was driving for five hours today with two children and dog the thought crossed my mind that I should use the trip as a practice for disaster of some sort.  I always come prepared with extra everything.  That's not what I was thinking. 

Since I'm finishing working next Friday and the kids don't start summer camp until the following Monday we have the entire weekend to get home.  Although I'm "on the clock" when I'm driving, I don't get overtime, so if I take 10 hours to get home plus an extra day rather than 6 1/2 hours it won't be a big deal. 

Here's a couple of scenarios. 
1.  I'm thinking about telling Interstate 5 is closed in LA.  I'll hand them the map and have them figure out the best way to get home.  I can get from San Diego to Central California without ever getting on a freeway but I don't want to take that long. 
2.  I can tell them I lost my money so we can't go out to eat.  If I have a stomach ache then I won't be in the mood to make them anything to eat.  They will have to get into the food container and figure out how to make two meals for the three of us. 
3.  I want some hot tea for my stomach ache.  Make it for me.  (Take a bottle of water from the back of the truck, stick a tea bag in the bottle, put it on the dash.) 
4.  The power is out in the city so the gas stations don't work.  How can we get fuel?  (Full gas cans are in the back of the truck)
5.  I lost the key to the truck. (Do they know where the spare key is?)
6.  Where did I park the truck when we go to Disneyland?  How good is their sense of direction?  Can they talk it out to backtrack their steps?
7.  If the freeway is closed and with my lost money we may have to stay the night somewhere.  Where should we park the truck that is safe?  Can we sleep in the truck? 
8.  Anything else?  They are 8 and 9, so I can't have them drive...

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