Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Disney security fails

It's a good thing that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth.  It's not like some of the other theme parks yet where the gangs have taken over. Their security was a joke.  I do know that they have a lot of undercover security but as far as getting in, why bother with security.  Six of us went to Disneyland on Tuesday.  I brought in my backpack with sandwiches, snacks, water bottles, a handgun and of course my concealed weapons permit. 

There were no metal detectors.  I could have carried in lots of weapons, both legal and illegal.  The security lady had me open the backpack, she pushed the sandwiches around, felt the outside and bottom of the pack and said have a great day.  We did. 

It was pretty crowded and I know we won't go during the summer again.  I was way past my comfort level in the parking garage, prior to even getting into the park. I did see one homeless person sleeping on the bench. Saw many people arguing about how they were supposed to be having fun.  Overall, the tension level of the people was pretty mild.  That's good because I would hate to know just how many others brought weapons into Disneyland that weren't upstanding.

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