Friday, June 17, 2011

Eating seaweed puffs

Today I'm working near the beach town of Carpenteria.  It has good memories for me because as a child we used to rent a beach house here during summers.  I am going to get off early and we are going to head to the beach.  There are lots of things I can teach the kids.  Today they are going to learn about harvesting kelp.  You don't pick the seaweed up from the beach.  That's like picking up rotten fruit and eating it.  You can bring that stuff home and put it into your compost.  When you are out on a rocky area pick some kelp that is still growing.  It's easy to get at low tide.  I know you can eat the leaves and stems of seaweed raw but they really need boiling or other processing to make them edible.  Instead, take a handful of seaweed and pick off the round puffs at the ends.  You don't even have to pull the whole plant out.  Dry the puffs. That's all there is to it.  They are fun to eat and are good for you. 

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