Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Doing nothing

Today I'm in a mood to do NOTHING.  The house is quiet.  I dropped girl and boy off at oldest daughter's house this afternoon.  I have to leave early for work tomorrow so she's going to bring these two plus two of hers to their day camp tomorrow.  Army daughter, son-in-law, and baby are out doing what they do best - going out to eat and shopping.  This means the only person at home is ME!  And I've been by myself for four hours now. 

I made myself some dinner: left over tri-tip, squash from the garden, home made roll, home made fruit juice.  Then I cleaned up the kitchen.  It was clean when I left this morning but somehow the messy kitchen fairy showed up while I was at work.  I left the rest of the mess that Army daughter made.  She can clean it up herself in a week or so when she gets around to cleaning.  (I'm sure boy or girl will end up cleaning it up this weekend)  I finished doing some office work since I left the office early today.  And for the past hour...nothing. 

I don't feel like watering, I don't feel like pulling weeds.  I don't feel like doing any chores inside the house.  I don't even feel like reading all the wonderful blogs that I spend time visiting each evening.  I'm just enjoying the silence and doing nothing.

It's even respite day for bunnies and squirrels.  Lucky them.

Tomorrow I have to leave early and head to the hills.  I'm going to be working on the project where we were shot at several months ago.  It's nearing harvest season so I'll be armed and very alert.  It's really dangerous working in areas where pot is being grown.  Right now it's big business for Mexican drug rings to come to California and plant crops and grow them in our mountains.  It's not just in California that this is happening, it's just that I'm familiar with it here.  The cartels force Mexican men to tend and guard the crops.  If anything happens to the crops then these men have no families to go home to.  It's that brutal.  I certainly won't be wearing any type of official looking clothing tomorrow.  It will be t-shirt and jeans for me.  I will have several radios on me plus the cell phone, even though it doesn't work well in that area.  The person I'm working with is pretty lackadaisical and doesn't really give protection a second thought.  I do.  I may call in for armed back up if we get out there and anything looks array. 

What if TSHTF?  People don't realize how dangerous some of these foothill areas and wilderness areas can be.  It's not because of the hungry hordes of people but the drug trade that has taken over areas that are very lightly populated.  People think that they can just head for the hills and rough it.  You can't.

Doing nothing to prep today.  I will tomorrow or I'll get very restless.  I'll write more tomorrow too.  Now I think I'll just head to bed.  Wow!

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  1. Sounds like your next work project is in a dangerous area- you can't be too careful.

    It's nice to do nothing every once in a while! Doesn't last long though, like you said, you will get restless tomorrow.