Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's hot

It's not really too hot here today.  It's 95 here but we don't have the humidity.  When the thermometer says 95 it feels like 95.  The east coast sizzled yesterday.  I hope they get some relief soon.  Since I wasn't sure if I'd have to work today or not (and things settled down so I don't have to head down south) I decided to get the chores started early.  The grandkids had the same idea.  Girl was done with her chores by eight this morning.  Boy is still working on his but that's because he has to do a couple extra today.  He is going slow because he won't stop talking.  I'm not minding the endless chatter today because there are just the two of us at home.  Girl went to a friends house and Army daughter, son-in-law, and their baby are doing what? and going to the they ever do anything else?
Boy had to clean the toilet today. He told me about this product on a commercial he saw that cleans the toilet for you.  All you have to do is buy the product and put it into the toilet tank.  I told him that we won't do that and he has to clean the toilet instead. Since our house is older and we haven't replaced the toilets, there are about four or five gallons of water in each tank, so somewhere between 8 and 10 gallons of water are stored there.  Although it's not water I'd want to drink (it's just psychological) it is clean water.  If we put the toilet cleaner in it we wouldn't be able to use the water.  He understood and went back to scrubbing the toilet. 
One thing that didn't go right yesterday was keeping water in the little duck bowl.  Our duck keeps laying eggs, hatching the ducklings, and then they die.  I ended up catching her three ducklings and put them in the chicken coop.  The mama duck was pissed off that I took her babies and followed me right into the coop.  We put a saucer for a large pot into the coop for the ducklings to get wet in and also to drink from.  One of the babies had a bum leg and it died the next day.  Of the other two, one is much smaller than the other.  Today we went out to the coop and it wasn't following mom around.  I noticed that the little bowl of water was empty.  The poor little thing was dehydrated.  The other stronger duckling was doing ok.  I filled the water up and told girl to keep an eye on it.  It seems to be doing better but I don't have a lot of hope for it.  The ducks are a week old and this one is really lagging behind in wing size and just overall size.
The laundry is on the line and dries faster than it takes for the next load to get washed.  Lately I've been so busy that I've been doing all the laundry on one day rather than spreading it out throughout the week.  I don't have a preference other than if things fell apart it would sure be nice to have just about all the laundry done.  I'd rather not have a weeks worth of laundry to do and then have a power outage. 
Speaking of power outage, my friends back east have no power.  And it's hot.  Their power went out yesterday so there's no air conditioning to keep them cool.  They have an above ground pool so they are aren't complaining.  They also have Kindles so it wasn't a big deal to the parents to not get to watch tv last night.  The kids on the other hand were not happy.  Their power still isn't on.  Soon they will be affected because their refrigerator will soon be holding a bunch of spoiled food.  I have read about how in the olden days people would get blocks of ice from the lake and wrap it with sawdust to keep their food cold year round.  That wouldn't work around here since it would take about and hour and a half to get to a lake or pond that would freeze that solid during the winter.  If TSHTF I'm sure we wouldn't be making those treks up the hill.  But there may be some enterprising person who would probably be able to charge a good amount of money to deliver ice.  In fact, that's what one of my great grandfathers did for a living.  Deliver ice to people in the city.  My friends live in an area that freezes so it's something they can do.  Even the bug-out place doesn't have hard enough freezes during the winter to make blocks of ice. That's ok though because if today is the day then we'd take the stuff out of the refrigerator and freezer and dry it in the hot weather.  I suppose you'd have to make that command decision as to whether you think the power would be coming back on soon or if it's just going to stay off.  Most people would be upset if they started to dry their food then the power came back on.  On the other hand, there's always an other hand with me, what if the power didn't come back on.  What if one day stretched to two or four or a week or a month or a year?  I'm almost ready.
Get your outdoor stuff done early.  Stay cool. 

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