Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Paracord and knives

I had to work in Tollhouse today so I headed up to GI Jim's Military Surplus there in Tollhouse on my lunch break.  I wanted to use my $20 certificate that I bought for $10 from one of the half price deals that the local radio station advertises.  Much to my surprise the store had moved.  Instead of going on my lunch break I ended up going after I finished for the day on my way down the hill as they are now in Prather.  That's a more convenient location for those who live in the city.   

I didn't know what to buy because I have a huge list of stuff I want.  I would like good backpacks for the grandkids for our trip to North Carolina.  I would like to get a couple of knives since NC doesn't recognize the CA CCW.  But I need to make sure that the knives are legal.  Of course, they'll be packed in the suitcase and not in my pack. 

The knives I was looking at are assisted opening knives.   Under California law, you are allowed to carry, concealed in your pocket, a non-switchblade pocket knife of any length, including any assisted-opening knife.  The knife must be carried in the closed position.   Knives that are disguised as any other object are illegal.  Where can you carry a concealed knife in California?  Almost anywhere.  At public schools no type of concealed knives are allowed.  Knives over 2 1/2 inches are allowed as long as they are visible.  So if you carry a knife at a school it better be attached to your belt in a little carry case and not stuffed in your pocket.  At colleges or other post-secondary schools, no fixed-blade knives are allowed of any length but other types of knives may be carried legally.  Well, I didn't buy a knife, although I probably will on my next trip to GI Jim's. 

I ended up buying paracord.  I got a 300 foot roll.  Tonight I made a headband to hold back girls mop of hair.  I took nine feet of cord and folded it up so I had three two-strand lengths.  I kept it all one piece, I didn't cut it into three strips.  I taped the top so it would make it easier for me.  I then braided the cord using a pretty tight weave.  I finished up the ends by knotting the two ends together.  It fit her head perfectly.  It's not a quick release style; if she needed the cordage she'd have to unbraid the entire thing.  I will probably put a strip of elastic with a button closure on the headband.  It will provide a tighter fit and the elastic can just slip off if she needs the paracord.  I've also seen bracelets made with paracord.  I'm going to make some of these so we can all wear them on our trip.  We will also be sporting paracord belts.  I bought olive drab but I think I may pick up some black.  We may as well have some "fancy" looking belts to wear in North Carolina.  We are going for a wedding after all.


  1. Thanks for the knife carry clarification. I have carried a small pocket knife most of my life, even while at the school where I work. While at home or working about I have started carrying an Opinel #7. I've had this "French Farmer's knife" for years and rediscovered it in a drawer. The locking blade feature is a rotating ring secures the blade in the open position. It's not fancy nor shiny, but it works for me. And it has a sharp thin blade.

    I've seen different paracord belts and accessories. I need to start stocking up on such. I've also wanted to go to GI Jim's. I've looked at his website, but we rarely go near Tollhouse. Prather might be easier sometime when in Fresno.

  2. Steve, I am also a huge fan of opinel knives, they are so steeped in history and I love the fact the design hasn't changed really in over a century. I was bought this Opinel No 8 knife for Christmas http://www.aboveandbeyond.co.uk/.opinel-no-8-outdoor-knife_3123840015786.htm, I really like the blade however I am trying to see if I can replace the handle with a wooden one to make it more personal.