Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Expected Car-mageddon on Southern California freeways

"Do you think Carmageddon fears are overblown? If not, how are you prepping? Have you stocked up on canned food?"  This is a quote from Yahoo's post LA Preps for Carmageddon. 

Next weekend the 405 is going to be shut down in Southern California.  This stretch of freeway sees 500,000 cars each day!  Signs are being posted throughout California letting people know.  People in Southern California are being asked to just stay home.  During the Olympics in the 1980s people were asked to stay home to keep traffic jams down.  It worked so well that all the freeways in the entire city were wide open.  There wasn’t any rush hour traffic.  That probably brought another million people to the area…beautiful weather and no traffic. 

Interstate 5 and the 170 also go through LA and people coming from the north can take those routes.  If you are heading to the airport it’s about a half hour to an hour out of your way. Perhaps people will stay home this weekend and leave the freeways open for those who need to travel.  I am hoping that I don’t get called to work down there.  I am not expecting anything to happen since the weather will be good.  But if I do have to go down I'm sure hoping that people heed the call and stay home to keep the other freeways from turning into a parking lot.  Otherwise it would be a good time to fly.   

OK, but lets turn this back to Yahoo.  Many times I've come across posts where Yahoo and other organizations say some really stupid remarks about prepping.  Prepping has turned into a joke.  The joke is on you Yahoo writer Adriana Diaz.  When you lose your job or are in the middle of an earthquake I hope you have prepared.  Probably not since you have too much to do already.  After all nothing's more important than keeping up on Justin Bieber and the Beckham's new baby.   

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  1. This seems like a great preview of potential coming attractions to the Southland. The two earthquakes in the LA area in the last 30 years were the wakeup call not many are listening to.

    Another good reason to avoid LA this weekend.