Monday, July 11, 2011

Will I ever meet, in person, another prepper/survivalist or will the blog just have to do?

Today I had to work in a small town about an hour away from home.  It’s home to a couple who write blogs that I enjoy reading.  I was hoping to be able to meet them.  It’s hard to meet complete strangers, especially when all you’ve done is converse back and forth on a blog. 

Some blogs are set up where your comment automatically posts.  This makes it even harder to communicate.  In trying to set up a meeting I had to publically state that I was going to be in their area and would like to meet.  I requested that they write a comment to my blog which does not automatically post.  If they’d give me a phone number or tell me where to meet then it could be set up without the world seeing this information.  I would delete their comment rather than posting it. 

We could have met at a gas station and they could have sized me up prior to introducing themselves.  After all, I may not be some normal mild mannered person!  They would have figured it out once they saw me. 

Unfortunately it didn’t work out.  They may not have read my comments, or perhaps they did and decided they didn’t want to take the chance meeting a stranger.  I was only in their area for four hours but could have stayed another couple of hours if we were able to meet. 

I’m still looking to meet people and be able to talk with them about what they do, how they do it, and perhaps even get a sneak peak at their setup to see if I can get some hints on how to improve ours.  I hope another opportunity comes along.


  1. If you ever get to South Carolina, for any reason, I am willing to meet you....I ain't skeert....I absolutely look forward to reading your blog updates.

  2. Thanks Warlock, I may take you up on it someday. The people I was hoping to meet did respond and gave me their number. It was just bad timing. I'm sure once we meet I'll have more to write...only nice things!

  3. Come to the nation's capitol and I will show you around!

    -DC Josh