Friday, July 8, 2011

Thanks 20,000 times

I wanted to thank people for reading my blog.  It went over 20,000 page views this week.  Wow! 

I have a lot to write about but today is just about over for me since I started the day really early.  I'm getting a whole house fan this weekend.  I'm meeting with an electrician who works for the same outfit as I do.  He's willing to come over and help install the fan (his expertise, my sweat) in exchange for dinner and hanging out with the grandkids.  It seems his grandkids live far away and are about the same age as mine.  Deal.  Play with the kids in exchange for electrical work.  This electrician has also installed solar and wind power systems.  I will be picking his brain to learn about both.  There's a wind turbine by Honeywell that only needs 1/2 mile per hour wind to start up.  Most need over 7 mph.  It's something worth looking into.  I still have about $7,000 left from the chunk of money that I received.  It's not burning a hole in my pocket but my plan is for it to be spent on energy of some sort.  That's all for tonight.  My eyes are closing as I'm typing.

Thanks again for your time reading my blog.

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