Friday, July 1, 2011

The no electricity game

We are playing a quasi no-electricity game this weekend.  The grandkids are willing to play.  Army daughter and their family are not.  I'm not turning off the electricity to the refrigerator or the freezer.  I'm not turning off the electricity to the well.  We will not be using the washer.  I haven't used the drier in months (although Army daughter uses it for their things).  We will not be using the dishwasher.  We are going to use dishes, not paper plates.  Washing dishes is going to be done in "camping mode" which means a small dishpan of very soapy water and another dishpan of rinse water (water with a few drops of bleach).  The dishes will be wiped off prior to being put into the soapy water. I don't expect to need a lot of water for this.  I will measure the amount of water that we use.  

We lit candles at dinner and once it got dark out the only lights were from the two candles.  Of course, the side of the house Army daughter is in has every light on - but that's them...

The computer is only on for a short time tonight.  I figure I have an hour per day on it so instead of thinking and writing at the same time I actually wrote most of my blog on a piece of paper.  Imagine that...pencil and paper! 

Today I took the loppers and trimmed back some of the low branches on the trees in the backyard.  Tomorrow the grandkids are going to drag those branches into the pasture so the sheep can eat the leaves.  After they eat the leaves the grandkids will then drag the branches up to the road to add to our branch fence.  It sure looks ugly but by next year it will start to look as I imagine.  This fall I'll be planting blackberry cuttings at the edge of the branches.  The brambles will climb over the branches and will provide a 4 or 5 foot barrier between the road and the pasture.  I'm not removing the cattle panels across the front, but they won't be visible from the road once this project is complete. 

We have some gardening to do tomorrow but for the most part, the garden is in grow mode and there isn't a lot to do but look at the flowers that will soon turn into edible vegetables. 

I'm going to go into more cleaning mode and clean out under my bathroom sink.  I have a hidden spot behind the sink in the kids bathroom but I don't in mine.  I will after tomorrow.  When you look in the bathroom cabinet under the sink there's all kinds of "normal" stuff under there.  Shampoo, soap, toilet paper, etc.  But, behind the sink in the space between the sink and the back of the cabinet is a hidden space with a wooden ledge and a plastic storage box that holds stuff.  In the kids bathroom there's money, a knife, and some food.  I don't ever expect to be stuck in the bathroom in need of a high calorie food bar, but you never know.

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  1. Good idea, playing a no electricity game that the kids can participate in. I look forward to finding out how the weekend turns out.