Sunday, November 27, 2011

Burglar shoots 91 year old

About an hour from here in a small country town of 4,000 a burglar entered the home of a 91 year old woman and her 63 year old daughter.  It was about two in the morning.  The women awoke and went to find out what the noise was.  The burglar shot the 91 year old in the face.  She is alive but the bullet embedded in her spine.  If she lives through this it's expected that she will be partially paralyzed.  The burglar took some things out of the house before escaping.  The sheriff has no suspects and no motive and doesn't know if it was a random incident or not.   

Last year the home of one of my friends was broken into while he was at work.  He lives in a nearby town, population 11,000. The Christmas tree was visible from the front window.  The side window was obscured by plants and the thieves broke the window and just walked in and helped themselves.  They used a glass cutter and cut a hole so there wasn't the noise of glass breaking.

In the large city about a half hour from my house, just the other day a family was loading their kids into their car, which was parked in the front of their house.  They turned the car on to get the heater going so it wouldn't be too cold.  Two of the three kids were in the car.  The parents came out with the third kid and noticed that their car was missing.  Someone stole it with the two kids in it!  The kids were let out of the car about a half mile from home.  Their vehicle is still missing but at least nobody got hurt.

I've learned to lock the doors when I'm here.  I used to brag that not only did I never lock the doors but I didn't even know where a house key was; it had been such a long time since the house was locked.  My kids think I'm a bit kooky because I carry a handgun with me while I'm at home.  Perhaps telling them this story may change their mind a bit.  You never know what may happen, even in your own home. 

Keep yourself alert.  Keep your doors locked.  Keep yourself armed. 


  1. I lock all door with a basic lock and a dead bolt while away. Moving the 45 up to the desk and I'm less than 4 feet from grabbing a gun. I don't know if it will work but anyone attacking me should grab a lunch and a lantern cause I will not go down without a fight.

  2. We live in the South valley, unfortunately too close to a decent size city. When we bought the property we fenced it off completely with field and barbed wire. We also put up gates on the drive way to keep people out. When we are gone we close and lock the gates, and when we are home only one gate is open. This limits access to the property. I always carry a gun when I'm outside, we had some problems with the neighbor stealing a pump during escrow and running his mouth. In the house there is always a gun within close reach of any of us. We lock the house up everytime we leave and at night. Plus we have a small pack of dogs that are good at letting us know when someone or something is out there.

  3. Not to make you upset, but I think your kids are kooky. LOL. Just this past week, while I was home with my kids, my 8 year old told me someone was at the gate. Our gate is about 1000 feet from the house, and she could hear someone making noise with the chain. They were trying to figure out how to open it. I started walking up the gun, with my rifle in my hand. I keep it by me, when outside because we have lots of rattlesnakes, and a mountain lion has been seen in the area. When the men at the gate noticed me, they jumped in their truck and took off. I think it is kooky to not have a means to protect yourself and your children, and also irresponsible.