Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Home Security System

A year ago I wrote about my home security system.  Since we went from having a landline to no landline, I changed the type of system we have to one that runs on it's own cellular calling system.  The system we have is better when it comes to contacting the alarm company quicker.  Also, if your system works by using the telephone line all someone has to do is cut the line before they enter your house.  Have you seen the phone line that comes into your house?  It's normally right outside the gate in your front yard somewhere.  It's easy to compromise your system.  Sure, it will still ring when someone breaks in but it won't send a call out to the monitoring people. 

But having the monitoring people know your every move has gotten me thinking.  Do I really want ADT or some local security company to know when I am home, when I am away, etc.?  If you set the alarm faithfully then the company knows your exact schedule probably better than you do!  This can be dangerous if they keep records, and I'm sure they do. 

Our system has the away mode, the at home mode, and the off position.  When you are away the alarm goes off when the door or window opens and also when there is movement in the house.  The movement alarm is often set to not go off with pet movements.  The at home mode allows movement within the house and will only go off when you go outside.  You can also set the system to bypass a door or window. 

We are going to change how we set the alarm system, just to mix things up with the security company.  Instead of setting the alarm in the away mode when we are out of the house we are also going to use the at home mode.  The at home mode will go off when a door or window opens, not when you have movement in the house.  I'm assuming that most people who are going to break in are going to push in the doors or pry open the windows.  If they break in that way then the alarm will still go off.  If they break the windows and climb in through the break then the alarm system won't catch that.  If I keep one of the doors bypassed but still locked (trying to figure out the least likely door the bad guys would enter through) then we can go in and out through that door yet it will look like we are there all the time. 

It's a risk that I'm taking but do I really want the alarm company to know when I'm leaving and returning?  Has anyone else thought of the alarm company or it's workers using the information for illicit use?   


  1. My stay/home mode lets me go in and out 1 certain door and gives a countdown. If I go out a different door or open a window, the alarm goes off immediately.
    I can also bypass a sensor to really screw up a pattern.

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  3. Considering the unpredictability of communities today in terms of safety, it is good that you updated your security system. Buglers are also updated on the latest security innovations out there. It would help if we the rules set by the company regarding their system. Just in case a problem arises, at least they will know how to go through it. You don’t have to worry about the company monitoring your moves. If you still have the contract you signed, you can check their policies regarding your concern. By the way, CCTV cameras are also a good addition to your system. That would allow you to record all the movements around your house.

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