Sunday, November 13, 2011

Survivalists Interview Coming to Local TV Tomorrow

In September I was contacted through this blog by one of the local TV reporters.  She wanted to know if she could interview me.  She said she wouldn't identify me or my location.  I said NO.  But thanks. I did direct her to GI Jim's, which is a local surplus store.  Jim, I was sure, would give an interview.  I wondered who else would do so? 

Tomorrow night we will find out.  I was watching TV last night (free TV from the digital antenna) and they showed a teaser commercial for the 11:00 news tomorrow night on Channel 47.  Survivalists and how they are preparing.  They showed GI Jim.  Good.  She followed up on what I told her to do.  They also showed a couple with two young children.  Not smart on their part. 

I don't stay up that late but I may just to watch this.  I'm sure it will be on the internet on Tuesday if I decide to go to bed on time. 

Here's their promo:
Natural and financial disasters... trouble can strike at any time. But can you avoid devastation with a survival plan?  Preparing your family for the unknown.  Groups of survivalists are preparing for disaster.  CBS47's Evy Ramos is On Your Side with what you can learn from the average family and from the extremely prepared. Monday at 11:00 p.m. on CBS47 News. 

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