Thursday, February 2, 2012

Free advice!

G.I. Jim sent this as a comment and I thought it was worth posting. 
Guest post: 
Any info I can give is free. I cannot hold a candle to Mr. Rawles, but I do encourage people having questions to come in and speak with me at my store in Prather.
Buying the "High dollar Items" may make you look cool, but that money is better put into food, supplies and barter goods. I run into many so called "preppers" who have tons of ammo, firearms and "cool stuff", yet their food storage is almost non-existent. They say they will "live of the land". My reply is do you know what plants you can eat and you can't? Do you know that a steady diet of meat will cause intestinal compaction, a bad form of constipation that will KILL YOU? For that matter, do you even have a stalking skill that will allow you to sneak up on animals that are even more wary because of increased hunting pressure?
Food storage is a NUMBER ONE priority. I always refer to the 5 "B" 's....Beans, Barter, Band aids, bullets and bullion. That should be the order of purchase.
I, personally have an old messenger bag/bandoleer behind my bedroom door. It has a first aid kit, magazines for my rifle and pistol, and extra ammo. This is my immediate response bag for fast defense. It cost me $14 . You absolutely do not need expensive gear, especially if it cuts into your food budget.
The door to my store is open, My advice is free. No one is EVER obligated, or should feel that way to buy anything. If you are prepared, you are one less person walking up my driveway needing help!! I would prefer you walking up prepared to barter!!

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