Saturday, February 11, 2012

Making lemonade but getting nothing else done

We were invited to a birthday party and that took up most of the day.  It rained for a little bit today so before we left for the party I took the 8 raspberry plants that I haven't yet planted and put their pots right at the edge of the eave of the house.  That way the rain could come off the roof and land in their buckets.  Then I wouldn't have to worry about watering them. 

Once we got home I checked on the chickens and also the sheep.  We had one ewe up at the barn with her new baby.  It was still wobbly; she had it while we were at the party.  That makes 6 lambs, although one didn't make it so five lambs that all appear healthy.  One more ewe is pregnant.  She should pop that one out any day now. 

I checked on the transplanted blueberries.  They looked good.  I took a look at the broccoli plants and one had been dug up by something.  I dug another hole and placed the plant back into the ground.  The onions have grown a little since I put them into the ground.  I went into the barn and got an on/off valve that goes on the drip hose.  It's still attached to an old piece of hose but I cut it into a small size and brought it into the house.  I'll cut off that old piece of hose so I can reuse the valve.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll get the drip hose put out front to go to the raspberries. 

I don't know though.  Tomorrow I may accomplish as little as I accomplished today, which is just about nothing.  The grand kids have Sunday School tomorrow and then Army daughter wants us to come over for lunch.  I wonder what inedible food we'll get this time.  Or will they will be serving one of their three staples: First is tacos.  Everything is fried, which is delicious but oh so bad for me.  Next they make the spinach ravioli from Costco.  They put the ravioli on top of a fresh spinach salad drenched with salad dressing.  If they used 1/4 of the dressing it would be much better, but still it's edible.  The third thing they make is Frito chili.  They put Fritos into a bowl and dump canned chili on top.  That's the extent of their cooking.  I did give Army daughter a Better Homes and Gardens red plaid cookbook for a wedding gift.  She gave it away during her white elephant gift exchange at her party last December.  Don't think she ever cracked that cookbook open.  After all, they can make tacos, ravioli, and chili!  After we leave Army daughter's house we will head home but probably won't get here until about 4:00.  That doesn't give much time for yard work. 

For dinner tonight I sent Girl into our home store to get some Nalley beef stew.  I had bought it a couple of years ago.  I was so pleased because it was about half the price of Dinty Moore.  What a bargain.  At least until I opened the can.  The taste was just fine.  But where's the beef?  There were little pieces of potato and carrots.  At least they were discernible.  Not the beef.  It looks more like they used ground beef but each little piece of ground meat was its own little piece of meat.  Nothing bigger than a speck.  I did throw in the last of the antelope meat just so we'd get some little actual pieces of meat.  This with the rest of last nights loaf of home made bread plus big glasses of freshly made lemonade made for a filling dinner.  The kids aren't picky.  They liked the Nalley!   

Initially I had bought a half dozen cans of the Nalley beef stew.  We still had two cans left and their expiration date is this April.  I rotate food but I didn't buy any more Nalley beef stew. I do have a couple cans of the twice as expensive Dinty Moore but I'll save these for when we go camping or if there's any other nights that I just don't feel like cooking.  I'd rather put the ingredients together myself.  I always have potatoes and carrots on hand.  They are easy to grow and/or cheap to buy from the store.  Even using canned, dried meat, or freeze dried meat, if fresh isn't available would be better than using the canned stew.  But, the canned stew does have a place in our food storage when either I'm completely lazy, tired, sick or TSHTF and I can't get anything made except opening a can!  Just not too many cans, and not Nalley!

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