Saturday, February 18, 2012

More on the fencing - a test run for "the group"

Last night I didn't sleep well.  I'm sure it's because I had a soda right before bedtime.  Anyway I had wonderful dreams of mathematical equations.  (the mind of a scientist...)  I figured out that the bid for the fence was going to be $18 per t-post.  Now keep in mind that the fence is already there, the posts are in - just leaning over.  I also figured that it would be much easier as a two person job.  All someone has to do is clip the three wires that hold the t-post to the panel. A second person can hold the fencing up while the other person pulls the t-post into place, pounds it down, and then wires the fencing back to the t-post.  This system would work as a nice production line with three or four people working as a team.  We could get through the 250 t-posts pretty quickly. 

This brings me to the next topic, which I didn't include as an option yesterday but GI Jim pointed out in his comment.  What about having people come together and help?  A fence fixing day with the group, or possible people in the group?  Of course I had thought of this but didn't really think it was much of an option for me.  Why?  My "group" of like minded people is very small - at least when looking at the useful people with real skills or the desire to put in a full day of work. The group is really San Diego sister, other sister and brothers, mother, Bug-out renters, and probably kids and their families.  Other than San Diego sister, other sister, and Bug-out renters, the rest aren't really willing to work.  OK exception is mom.  She's a great- grandmother.  She has a semi-pass for hard work but she's good at watching the kids and puttering around in the garden.

Last night daughter-in-law and her kids came over for playing and dinner.  Where was son?  Back at their apartment sleeping.  It takes a lot out of you when you play video games all day...  He has been complaining lately that his leg has been hurting a lot.  He broke it about 15 years ago (half a life time ago) and I don't think it healed properly.  But he won't see a doctor, he'd rather use the pain as an excuse why he doesn't work and just sits on his rear.  (When he does help, watch out!  It's not really helpful.)  I told her what the bid was.  She relayed it to son.  He called today to complain about one of his sisters..just real issues... and he brought up the high bid.  He said that it was a crazy bid.  The person was probably just trying to take advantage of a single, busy, supposedly well off (homes can be deceiving!!!) grandparent who needed to get something done.  In this conversation about the laborer he mentioned that I'll probably be better off just doing it myself.  No mention of sure I'll come over and help.  Not even that he'll stay home to watch his kids and send daughter-in-law over to help.  Nothing.

OK, next kid.  Talked to oldest daughter today.  They are redoing the bathroom in their house.  They got a bid for that.  It was a lot more than they wanted to pay so they instead bought everything themselves and started on the demolition of the bathroom this morning.  They have a neighbor who does tile and he's going to come over to tile the shower.  He's charging way more than I'd expect but that's just me.  I'd rather the neighbor come over and talk me through me doing it myself.  That way I could learn to do it.  Oh yeah, I already did assist with installing the tile in my bathroom and in Girl's bedroom and the kids bathroom.  Oldest daughter didn't ask for my help since they'd rather pay an expert to do it for them. 

I told oldest daughter about the bid for the fence.  She said that he oldest son is going to need a job this summer.  I could hire him.  Oh, and can son-in-law come drop off two of their boys for a couple of days to work on their truck? Especially since they want to help with the demo of the bathroom and oldest daughter doesn't want them to.  Sure bring them over.  I discussed with the boys once they got here that it would be good for them to help with the fence repair.  They said they were busy with the truck.  I would even pay.  Nope too busy. 

How about Army daughter?  No.  Between son-in-law working and going to the gym, and Army daughter in school they don't have time to help.  They will help pay if I don't have enough money to pay.  Of course she then said that they have $25 left in their checking for the rest of the month.  Things are tight with their new house they bought and that she's in between courses in school which means her GI bill isn't coming in at the moment.  If I wait until next month they'll help foot the bill.  No thanks.

What about those who are "in the group"?  San Diego sister would be willing to help.  But brother-in-law just got a new job after being unemployed for a while and really can't take time off to come up.  Sister could come with nephew.  He's home schooled so the two of them could come up without brother-in-law.  If I said I needed them and they really had to come they'd be here in a second.  My fencing project isn't an emergency.  But they are almost the only ones who'd show up to work for free.

Bug-out renter will come over and help - for free or for money.  This is probably who I will end up teaming up with to get the fencing done.  Add in the two grand kids (Boy gets his arm out of the sling this's been a very long 7 weeks.) and I bet we will be able to get it taken care of in a full day or two.  Mrs. Bug-out renter can be in charge of feeding us.  I put an email out to him.  If I'm lucky we can tackle it this weekend.  I have the next two days off and the kids don't have Sunday School tomorrow. 

I'll put the call out to other people I know "friends and acquaintances from the local area", but seriously, I doubt any would show up.  They are either too busy with their own families or can't see that they'd get anything out of it since they probably wouldn't come up with any tasks that we could help them out with. 


  1. Good Lord man.....that is sad. I am on South Carolina and I am wanting to come out there and help.....mercy....what is wrong with people?

  2. We'd come! ....and Steve is an expert fence builder (LOTS of practice;)