Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sale on Freeze Dried meat and cheese and other unabashed plugs

As you may have noticed, I do not have ads on my blog that you can click on to earn me a few cents from your purchases.  I figure there are enough people doing that so I'm not monetizing my blog.  Every once in a while I plug my friend GI Jim and his store up in the small town of Prather.  I also have a link to Major Surplus and Survival down in the LA area.  I used to shop there, until I discovered GI Jim, but there's no reason to remove them as a link.  I've also plugged books like the Prepper's Pocket  Guide, which I got for free as a reviewer, but the book is worth plugging even if I did get it free.

One of the sellers I've promoted is Misty Marsh.  She is a Shelf Reliance consultant.  I'm not sure how their consulting business works nor do I really care.  I'm not getting into storage food sales.  Misty will provide free samples if you wish to try something out.  But, these aren't free to her.  She has to pay for them.  Still she will provide you with a trial if you want to sample before you buy.  Today I received an email from Misty about a sale.  I thought it would be worth passing on.  This sale goes from Feb 20th through March 18th. 
3 Freeze Dried Ckn & 3 Ground Beef Pack: 
Retail: $246.54
Sale price: $144.60 ($24.10 per can)
6 Freeze Dried Cheese Pack:

Retail: $270.82
Sale price: $154.65 ($25.78 per can)
When I bought my 6-pack of freeze dried cheese a couple of months ago I thought it was a great price.  I paid $180 for the six cans.  Yes, I know it's about $4.00 a can less on this sale.  Many of us are getting tax returns.  I think this is a good way to spend some of that return. 
This is not available online; if you are interested, you must contact Misty directly to order them.  Her email is: and her phone number is 760-814-9833.  She is taking pre-orders since the sale doesn't start for a couple more days.  And no, I'm not getting an extra discount by passing her email along to you.

Always one to look for a bargain, GI Jim, you said that you were hoping to stock some storage foods.  If you are, since I haven't been your way in a little while, let me know and I'll unabashedly throw your name around some more. 

Although I do a lot of canning, including canning cheddar and mozzerella cheese, and we raise our own lamb and chicken, I still believe there is a place in my food storage for freeze dried food.  I'm going to tell you that it's not ever going to be the bulk of my storage program but it has its place. 


  1. I am working on a source right now. I have been able to come up with a source for MRE's at a more reasonable price than $11 ea. Waiting to see what the freight will be so I can give the best possible deal.

    The freeze dry is a little more involved. Being a small store in the slow part of my business season (between Christmas and before tax refund time), I must be extremely frugal on my new merchandise purchases as I pay cash or money order for everything.....A business practice that has kept me in business for over 4 1/2 years. The $1000 minimum I am working on and saving for.
    However, I also like to save people money. I have a prepper that has found away to make his own dried food. It is pretty simple and I am talking meat and noodles. He, personally , has made these and eaten them a year later with no ill effects. He is supposed to give me a demonstration. If it works out, maybe I'll have him do one at the store for free!!

    Everyone thinks G.I. JIM'S is just about a store making profit....It is not. It is there to stay in business, but also, when you walk up my driveway, after collapse, you are prepared to barter....Not to BEG !!

    G.I. JIM

  2. One more thing that I forgot (I am over 50), has lots of pre-prepared canned meats including canned butter, powdered peanut butter, pork sausage, cooked bacon. Although these are canned goods, not dehydrated, it would be nice to not be dependent on wheat, beans, and rice. A once a week break from a diet high in legumes with a treat like this. Morale could be greatly improved and having something to look forward to can paint a whole different picture on a person's outlook. People who say can goods only last 3 1/2 years to 4 are B.S. ing you. As long as a can is not leaking and has not bulged it is good. After that period of time they lose some nutritional value, but I would rather have a full stomach and take a vitamin. G.I.'s in Vietnam, ate canned rations that had been packaged in the early 40's. That is a 20-25 year shelf life. One hint though, anything highly acidic, i.e. tomato sauce, should be bought in glass jars as it will literally "eat" the can from the inside out.

    In prayer and prep.

    G.I. JIM

  3. Take a look @ for the MRE's at about $6 a piece but UPS shipping to me in ID added $20/case to the price. You may be closer.

    They will calculate your shipping on your order when you put it in your cart, you must begin to order but once you see the shipping charge, just hit the back button. I just put bogus info in the first info page, hit next, saw the shipping then used the back button. You don't have to put your CC # in until the page after the shipping cost page.

    Also, Does Misty's price include shipping?

  4. SteamWalker. I'll take a look at It cost $13 to ship it from Utah to California when I bought from Misty.