Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hiding money, memory cards, and other small items in your toothpaste tube

(I've edited this post from this earlier today because a suggestion by a commenter needed to be included in the body of the post.) Here's a new way to stash some money, a thumb drive, memory card, or other small item in your bag or hotel room when you travel. You could use this method at home too but it seems to me there would be so many other places to stash the money or memory cards (such as my safe or spaces in the wall) that I probably wouldn't use this at home.

Take a used up tube of toothpaste.  Cut off the fold at the bottom (not the cap end) and clean out the tube.  Now you are thinking, wait a minute, there’s a big hole at the end of the tube.  True.  From the dollar store or Walmart or anyplace like that you can buy a little plastic thing that goes on the end of the tube to roll up the tube tightly to get out all the toothpaste.  They cost about 50 cents each.  After you roll up your money and put it into the toothpaste tube put one of these things on the end and just use it to roll up the end of the tube.  If you are using one of the large 8 oz. toothpaste tubes you can just roll up the end of the tube without using the plastic piece.  If the tube is too light weight then you can put some coins in it or even leave some toothpaste in the tube and put the money into a plastic bag before inserting into the toothpaste tube. 


  1. It would be a good place to hide a memory card or thumb drive.

  2. That's such a good idea that I'm going to edit my post to include it!