Thursday, February 9, 2012

Planting trees

I didn't get as much accomplished as I was hoping.  I wanted to plant the two apples and 10 raspberries and get the dripline set up for the raspberries.  I also remembered I had two grape plants still needing to get planted.  

First off, I ended up going into the office today.  Wow, I was actually there at 8:00!  That's twice in one week I made it there "on time".  Of course, the people that work hourly are supposed to be there at 8.  Me, I just have to show my face every once in a while so they remember that I still work there.  Most of my work is either out in the field or can be done at home.  But not today.  I needed to show my face, pick up my mail, and take care of some of the supervisor stuff that comes up once or twice a month.  After taking care of that I started working on a project that made me lose track of time.  Next thing I knew I was running late and barely got home before the grand kids got off the school bus. 

As I was driving down my road I noticed a small pick up heading the opposite direction.  It was Mr. and Mrs. Bug-out renters.  When they saw me they turned around and followed me home.  It was good to see them.  I haven't been up to my other house for a while so they were able to give me an update.  Mrs. Bug-out ended up chasing off some drunkards who she thought were probably looking for some place in the back country to burglarize.  They picked the wrong spot.  She met them with a shotgun and told them to turn around or some of them wouldn't be leaving.  Wow! 

Never to let company just sit on their laurels, I had Mr. Bug-out renter plant the trees with the kids.  They got both apple trees planted and two of the raspberry plants.  He marked on the ground where the other raspberries should go but he didn't like the shovel that Girl had brought him to use.  Instead of getting a different one he said that they were coming back into town on Sunday and he'd finish planting the berries then if I didn't get to it beforehand.  Hopefully tomorrow they will be in the ground because I only have two or three more hours of work this week before I get my 40+ hours in.

They ended up staying for dinner.  Antelope (that a friend shot), rice, coleslaw (home grown cabbage and carrots), home made cinnamon raisin bread and lemonade from home grown lemons.  I thought the bread was too fluffy.  I started my dough last night.  I rolled it out this morning with a rolling pin and put the cinnamon sugar and raisins in it then rolled it up and put it into the baking pan to rise.  Unfortunately because I worked so late I didn't get it into the oven when I planned.  It rose very high and since I really had to get it into the oven right away when I got home I didn't punch it down to let it rise properly.  So a big fluffy, hole in the center, loaf of delicious bread made a great dessert even though it wasn't as good as it could have been. 

The berries are going in front of my pile of branches in the front along the fence line.  I figure if they spread they can be mowed if they get too close to the road.  Any spread going toward the pasture will be eaten by the sheep.  I love raspberries.  I tried growing them in the garden area many years ago but little did I know the hose kept pinching and although they were getting water they didn't get enough.  I killed the raspberries.  I thought berries were impossible to kill! 

Tomorrow I have to extend the drip hose out to the berries.  This can't wait since it's been so dry the plants have to get watered in right away.  Normally I can plant in January or February, water the day I plant and then not have to water again until May.  Not this year.  We've only had two days of rain since the end of November.

I also need to spend some time finishing up trimming the fruit trees.  Oldest grandson trimmed them for me.  The past two years he's done a great job.  This year he did a lousy job.  I'm really disappointed in him but he's going through a phase right now of not caring about much of anything.  He needs to snap out of it soon or he'll mess up his life.   The fruit trees need to be retrimmed but grandson hasn't been back out to help fix his mess and I can't wait for him to do it right.  It needs to be done now - which means tomorrow.  Some of the trees are about ready to start budding. 

The big dog was walking around with a bit of a limp on her back leg.  I couldn't feel anything so hopefully she just twisted it a bit and it will feel better in the morning.  I really hate bringing her to the vet.  Not because I don't want her to get better but it seems that I, by myself, am paying for the vet's kids to go to college!   It just never ends... 

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