Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Change of plans

I have to leave town tomorrow; going to Southern California for a couple of days.  This trip has been in the works for the last couple of weeks.  I was planning on driving my work truck down and back.  I like traveling with this truck even more than my personal truck because in an emergency situation this truck will allow me into or through places that my other truck wouldn't be able to get through.  This truck has get-home (as compared to bug-out) supplies in it to last me at least two weeks.  Food, water, clothes, bedroll, extra boots, fuel, tools.  You name it the work truck has it. But there has been a change of plans...

This afternoon I was called and told that I need to fly instead of drive.  Since I'm going to Southern California they want me to drive someone elses truck back to my office.  Sure.  I called the travel agent and booked the one-way flight. (work pays, so still no spending) Yes, my plans are fluid but I can adapt pretty easy.  It takes a little extra thought as to how I am going to approach things.

I immediately know of a couple of issues.  First, I am supposed to pick up our frozen antelope meat while I am down there.  I put my 50 and 100 quart ice chests in the back of my truck.  Except, they won't fit in the carry on space in the plane.  I'm not planning on checking luggage.  Second, I'm not planning on checking luggage.  Wait, that's an issue for the antelope.  That's also an issue with not having a gun or knife on me.  Or much in the way of other supplies. 

I am going to have a carry on that will hold two days worth of clothes, an extra pair of shoes, and lots of food.  I'll also have the computer.  My belt with be made of paracord. 

I will be driving home so I'll be able to pick up a few supplies while I'm down there and not have to worry about not being able to bring them back home.  I'll pick up a knife and  matches as soon as I arrive.  Perhaps I can borrow a knife from one of my coworkers.   The new truck will be filled with fuel first thing.  I won't have any fuel cans with me but a full tank should get me home.  If there is an emergency incident that takes place while I am on my way home I should be able to get fuel from one of my known generator capable refueling places. 

I already told work that they will need to supply me with a couple of ice chests. 

I guess this means that I'm breaking my no purchasing for a month.  Perhaps not.  I know that tomorrow the group I'm meeting with is going out for lunch.  I planned on spending that $10 as my only exception to the spending exercise, yet that was all I was planning on spending during the three day trip.  I'm headed out to the bank to pick up 3x my expected expenses (hotel, food, fuel) even though I shouldn't have to pay for hotel and fuel with my own money.  

I will have a couple of dollars worth of silver coins on me.  In case there is any type of emergency, although I'm sure cash will be king, having a couple of silver dimes or quarters will sweeten the pot if need be.

It will be a great exercise to see how well I can do for the three days without spending money (other than the one $10 lunch).  I'm going to try to find free food (fruit trees) or do some chores for a coworker in exchange for dinner.  Something.  Anything to not spend money.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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