Saturday, October 1, 2011

More on the move

Got just about everything moved from here to Army daughter's new home. The house feels empty but clean!  Son-in-law was cleaning off the bathroom counter this morning and asked which of the hair items on the counter belonged to girl.  None. All that stuff that's covering the entire bathroom counter, where you can see nothing except the sink, belongs to Army daughter.  Son-in-law scooped it up and the counter is clean!  I can see the tile again after 10 months of it being covered with 20 types of hair gels, sprays, and goop.  The makeup is cleared out, the 10 shampoos in the shower are gone too.  Boy had to clean the bathroom today and commented that it's much easier now that he doesn't have to move his aunt's things.

We pushed the bookshelves to where they will be located after the new wall gets put up.  The hidden space will be plenty big enough.  The wall probably won't happen for another month because October is a crazy month for work.  Hopefully there won't be any major incidents in the southern part of the state to take me away for even a longer period of time. 

I have my food inventory sheets that I had just filled out prior to Army daughter, son-in-law, and baby moving in 10 months ago.  Sometime next week I'll be going over the inventory and figuring out what items have gone down in stock, which have gone up, and exactly what I need to stock up on.  With Army daughter doing most of the shopping and not using much of what I had in storage I think most of my inventory will be up. 

Not much worth writing about today.  I didn't do any prepping at all, not even yard chores.  We just worked on the move and I made the baby's birthday cake.  Tomorrow I will have more to say as I'll actually have accomplished something for us.

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