Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No shopping for a month

This voice in my head says prepare now, actually practice now.  Store food now.  Store water now.  Store everything.  A couple months ago I didn't buy anything for 10 days.  I'm going to try this for a month!  I am going to make a few exceptions though.  My new challenge is going to end right at Thanksgiving. Not only am I going to buy things for Thanksgiving dinner I am going to take advantage of the sales that take place at that time.  Other than that, no shopping...starting Monday.  This means I am going shopping this Sunday when the grand kids are in Sunday school!

With the advance shopping, as compared to last time when I decided that starting that day there would be no spending, I hope to buy most everything I think I will need for the month.  I am going to try to not use my storage stuff - ok, I'll use the storage stuff because I will want to rotate, but the new stuff will get stored. I am going to want to use the same items and the same amounts as what I buy.  I'm also not going to use the refrigerator or freezer...this experiment will be over by Thanksgiving, thank goodness!  I'll use the fresh stuff up in the fridge.  I don't want it going to waste. 

Why am I doing this?  Practice.  In one year it will be December 2012.  Do I think the world is "going to end"?  No, I do not.  Do I think that there will be a run on the stores next year?  Absolutely.  And with a run on the stores it will take a while for things to settle back down.  So next year at Thanksgiving and Christmas, think semi-chaos at the stores. 

So starting Monday no more shopping for the month.  Good thing I bought the supplies to build the hidden room.  I hope I got everything I need!  

I don't even think I'll let the kids or grand kids know.  I wonder how long it will take them to figure it out?  I wonder how much money I'll save?  Yes, I know that I'm going to purchase in advance but I bet I will still save money.  I wonder if I can go for the entire month.  I will keep you updated.


  1. I like the idea of practice. Good reminder that owning it and knowing it doesn't mean you can do it.

  2. Great idea! I hadn't even thought about how this time next year there could be shortages on stuff on Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is already a canned pumpkin shortage in some areas this year. Might be a good idea to pick up some holiday items with long expiration dates. thanks for bringing this up.

  3. I'm not sure why you have to rush out to buy your groceries that you plan on using for the next month. What's the point then?