Sunday, October 30, 2011

Traveling and not spending money on food

Since I'm on my one month without spending money I was sort of in a bind last week with my travel plans.  I was planning on driving my truck, which has several weeks worth of food, clothes, sleeping bag, etc.  I was also picking up a ice chest full of antelope.  At the last minute my work told me that I needed to fly rather than drive.  They had a 3/4 ton 4x4 pickup that needed to be delivered to my office.  The night before I was to drive I ended up making flight arrangements. 

Once I got to the office down south I found the truck and had two ice chests put into the back.  This truck has a locking camper shell like my own work truck.  It had two shovels and a first aid kit in it.  There was also a case of water and a half case of Gatorade.  The first day of my trip I was expecting to go out to lunch and this was supposed to be my only exception to not spending money for the month.  I ended up spending less than $5.00 for my lunch.  For the three days I was gone I was given about $95 for food.  Great, I got to pocket ninety dollars.  The hotel and gas were paid for so there weren't any expenses there. 

Because I flew I didn't get to bring much food.  I just had a handful of granola bars and trail mix.  It could have sustained me for the entire trip but I would have ended up being pretty hungry.  It would have been a long, hungry 250 mile walk home, if that were the case.  Since I wasn't going to spend money on food I had to think about a way to get nutritious food to eat.  The first night I picked up my ice chests full of antelope but having frozen meat wasn't going to work.

I had a great idea.  Let's go fishing.  My coworker and I hit the local lake and I caught a couple panfish.  I was really surprised because I'm much better at catching fish on a river than in a lake.  He knew where to fish, fortunately for me.  As we were walking back to the trucks I saw some thistle growing.  Thistle is an invasive plant but it's also edible.  I picked a bunch of thistle (sure glad I had my leather gloves).  We went back to the coworkers house where the coworker cooked up the fish and I cooked up the thistle and also made a salad out of plants in his yard - dandelion, purslane, mustard, roses and alyssum.  He thought I was a little nuts but he ate the weeds anyway! 

I then traded the rest of the fish for some deer jerky and salmon jerky.  I did eat Friday night dinner with my mother at her house.  My meals were:
Breakfast - hard boiled egg (from chickens from home), coffee, granola bar
Lunch - at the Mexican restaurant
Dinner - fish and weeds
Breakfast - granola bar, coffee in the hotel room, pear from tree at hotel
Lunch - salmon jerky and salad, pear from tree at hotel, Gatorade, water
Dinner - meatloaf at mom's
Breakfast - granola bar, coffee, juice from oranges from mom's neighbor, strawberries from mom's yard
Lunch - deer jerky, Gatorade, orange
Overall, I think I did really well with the eating.  This menu was lacking in breads but was pretty healthy. 

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I am looking forward to hearing how this month goes.