Friday, October 28, 2011

Police Standoff

Not the way I was planning on having lunch...

Yesterday started very early, leaving my house at 4:30.  I caught a flight, then a connection and made it to my destination right on time. 

Why does this kind of stuff always happen when I'm someplace?  I think it may happen more often than people realize.  It's just that people are so oblivious to their surroundings that they don't know what's going on around them.  After all, if I was seated with my back to the road would I have noticed?  The police didn't come with their lights and sirens.  I would have been oblivious like others in our group. 

What was I to do?  Panic?  No, that wouldn't be good.  I informed the people who were at the table that something was going on.  Of the five of us, three were armed. I wasn't because I wasn't going to count the cheap knife that I had on me.  If someone was rushing to harm me at this location I'd expect one of the others there to pull out their weapon.  We decided to continue eating but to stay aware of the situation.  The building was on the same side of the road that we were on.  If the person that was holed up started shooting his bullets wouldn't come in our direction.  There was a building in the way.  If he ran out there would be enough commotion for us to take cover under/behind many of the cement structures at our lunch location.  So we ate a nice peaceful lunch. 

Once I got off the plane I had the person who picked me up bring me to a sporting goods store prior to going to the meeting.  Once I got to my destination I was given the vehicle's I was to drive home.  I put my gear in it and immediately set up the mirrors, both the rear view and sides, noted that it had a full gas tank, put in some food and drink supplies from that office, and also a couple of coolers.  I asked about the mileage on the truck to know about how far a tank of gas would last.  I won't go more than about 100 miles without filling it up, just because I don't have spare fuel. 


  1. Sounds like an "interesting" lunch. Goes to show, anything can happen at anytime. I hope the rest of your trip is safe and uneventful!

  2. Do you think that being more attentive makes us more aware of the ill going on around us? Or do the masses that are oblivious lead charmed lives? And the charmedness is about to wear off?

    Sorry too many questions. You bring up many things to think about.

  3. Great post...thanks for the reminder to blog about the everyday things that people want to read. As a real estate agent, I

    too struggle with what to blog about. Thanks!

    swooper flag