Thursday, October 20, 2011

Figuring out what to buy

I am out of town once again and had a bit of free time this evening.  I went to the store to pick up some groceries.  I had no list, I just sort of wandered in the store.  Since I am not going home for two more days I didn't buy anything that would need refrigeration.  Not that it mattered since in this practic run I'm not going to use anything refrigerated, other than what is in my fridge that would go bad (I'm not wasteful!). 

I am going to use the two ceramic pots with sand and water to make a cooler for the milk.  I will only make a couple cups at a time so the milk won't be sitting around for any length of time.  I will keep the water that I'll use to make the milk in the pot cooler so the water will be cooler than room temperature.  Actually the well water comes out around 60 degrees so it it's too warm, but if I can get it 10 degrees cooler in the pot cooler then it will make the milk that much better.  

Here's what I bought: flour, salt, sugar, honey, pasta, dried potatoes, powdered milk, beans, soy protein powder, blueberry muffin mix, pancake mix, cornbread mix, oatmeal, canned peas, canned corn, rice, grape juice, tofu, canned ravioli, tuna, canned chicken, dried seasoning - parsley, onion, sesame seed, poppy seed. I spent about $60 on the food.

I also bought 2 gamma lids and some cleaning supplies.  The buckets were different compared to the last time I was in the store.  The buckets seemed to be thinner than what they used to sell.  I didn't really need new buckets but each time I go to Winco I pick up a gamma lid or two.  They are under $7.00 each. 

Is it enough for the entire month?  No.  As I said, I was just wandering around because I had nothing else to do this evening. Since I plan on doing the real shopping trip on Sunday I want to make a shopping list.  Before I know what to buy I should come up with a list of meals for the month.  
Breakfast: cereal, oatmeal, pancakes, bisquits, eggs, bagels, canned sausage, milk, juice, quik.
Still needed:  Canned sausage, baking powder (I have tons of baking powder so I may not actually buy this), and Nestle's quik.
Lunch: soup, bread, pb&j sandwiches, hb eggs, tuna, tortillas, fry bread, left overs from dinner.  Fruit. Milk, juice.
Still needed: pb.
Snacks: muffins, cookies, fruit, candy.
Still needed: candy.
Dinner: chicken, beef, tofu, fish, ravioli, tortillas, fresh vegies, potatoes, beans, noodles, rice.  Fruit, milk. 
Still needed: chicken, beef, fish, more flour, cheese sauce, butter flavor crisco, more milk, more flour.

One of the comments from yesterday was asking why I would go shopping for the food rather than use what I had, since I don't want to shop for the next month.  I could do that.  But what if there was a breakdown in the food supply sometime during this month?  I'd be pretty ticked off that I could have purchased this month's food and chose not to.  I'm looking forward to the start of this practice run. 

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