Monday, October 17, 2011

The easy grape arbor

I was asked if I could show a picture of the new grape arbor.  Sure, here it is.  Now all it needs are grape vines.  Next year... This is the first picture that I've posted of some of my yard.  In the little garden bed you can see the new strawberry plants and a couple of the new grapevines.  In the background you can see a tire swing and a couple of the tires in the grand kids tire course.  And, the "lawn" I just mowed. 

I was hoping to take most of the day off to do more cleaning.  I only got in a couple of hours for cleaning and about six hours of work.   It was the typical Monday which meant continuous conference calls and solving the world's problems that crept up over the weekend.  I'm trying to make it even from last week when I put in several 15 hour days. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to take a couple more hours off.  I got an email from one of the people I supervise wishing me a happy bosses day, which was over the weekend.  I think that's an appropriate time, when people don't see their boss so they don't have to say anything.  Half the time I don't even know who my boss is.  It changes every couple of months. 

I got the garage floor hosed down and threw away a bag of trash that somehow made it to the floor and shelves and not the trash can.  I had 15 cases of water spread out in a couple different locations in the garage.  They are all together now.  I got two bags of donation clothes ready to give away.  Not bad for a couple hours work.   

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