Thursday, December 9, 2010

Could this happen here?

Each year a friend of mine goes on vacation to some foreign country to see sights he can't see here.  He's gone on safari and stayed in little villages where they need the gatekeeper to keep lions out at night.  This year he's in Ecuador.  I just revieved the following as part of an email, "My friend who I'm traveling with met me at the Quito, Ecuador airport on the 27th and we spent my first day exploring old town Quito. Ecuador was conducting its national census the following day and we were confined to our hostel while the government went around and did head counts.The whole country had to stay indoors..."

We complain about our national census.  If we don't send in the paperwork they send workers out to count us.  Many people don't participate, or don't fully participate.  It's too personal with the information they want to collect and it's supposedly illegal to not participate.  Could you imagine a system like Ecuador?  It's census day.  Nobody is allowed to leave their home so the workers can find you.  I'm sure if you don't comply there will be certain punishment.  In a TEOTWAWKI situation imagine something like that happening here.    

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