Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trip to Sacramento and school lockdown

I'm heading to Sacramento today.  I'll have a full tank of gas and 15 gallons in cans in the back.  A full tank should get me there and back but I'll fill up on the way up, once I get there, and possibly on the way back.  I have a sleeping bag, warm clothes, boots, food, weapon, and can walk back home if needed.  I will be meeting with several people who I know are semi like-minded but their intent as soon as they retire is to move out of the state.  I have thought about that but I really don't like extreme cold and lots of snow.  It could be because I've never lived in it, or it could be that I just don't like the cold! 

I'm not taking grandkids with me as this is a business trip.  Daughter called me up today to tell me one of her kids school was in lockdown today.  Apparently she saw the police at the school this morning (they live within sight of the school) and sent her daughter merrily on her way anyway.  About a half hour later she went to talk to the ladies in the office and the door was locked.  They let her in and told her that the classes were all locked down.  She couldn't get her daughter back if she wanted. The police standoff that was a half mile away is over now and all is well.

This of course got me to thinking about the grandkids I have at home.  Their school is five miles from home.  They are dependent on the school bus.  What about a lockdown there?  How do I get them back?  I need to check to see if I can legally get them out during a lockdown.  It's another reason to home school your kids.  Unfortunately at this point in time I can't because I have to work.  They can't come with me to work and I can't leave them home on their own. 

If I retired I could home school them.  I could retire today, but if I did we would have to move because I couldn't afford to stay in our home.  I could move to town.  I could move somewhere else with a lower housing cost and still have some property.  I think this takes me back to conversations that I will be having with my friends tonight about leaving the state and moving to a place with snow and cold weather.  We could move to our bug-out place - no snow.  It's not ready to permanently support us. 

Perhaps the temporary solution to worrying about a school lockdown is to pray that TSHTF doesn't happen while they are in school.


  1. Not to be callous, but prayer is like hope...Not a very good plan..

    Be Blessed, Be Vigilant

  2. I'm not saying you aren't to be prepared. I believe that you must prepare. Depending on which religion you are, or aren't, depends perhaps on how much you should prepare. If you don't believe in God or a higher being then you better be completely prepared because you are on your own. Even if you have faith, there is one side that believes you don't need to prepare because you will be taken care of and there's the other side who believes that you need to take steps to prepare yourself but know that God is still in charge. That's where I fit in. Prepare and pray is my way.