Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Having to Travel Again

I have to head back down to Southern California this week for work.  I need to be in San Diego on Friday, perhaps Thursday.  I am either leaving Wednesday around noon or if I don't meet that self imposed deadline, then Thursday morning.  I'm not staying in a hotel, instead we'll stay with relatives.  That will save work some money. 

The truck has to get an oil change first thing in the morning.  Then I have to run a few errands.  I need to pick up two two gallon containers of vegetation killer for friends down there.  It's cheaper where I live.  Down south if you want anything in more than a ready to go quart spray container then you are looked at suspiciously.  Me, I'll spray out four or five gallons (mixed from concentrate) in my backpack sprayer each week if I had the time.  I read the directions.  Of the type I use you are not supposed to use more than 1/2 gallon (concentrate, prior to mixing) per acre per year.  I don't use that much. 

I have to run to the bank.  I have several checks that I've accumulated over the past few weeks.  I also want to get some more cash.  Remember, I like to have four times as much as I think I need.  I don't want to take my home stash with me.  I do have a pouch of silver coins that I keep in my bag. 

Since I'm in the work truck I don't need gas money but I will make sure I have gas money with me.  I also have my gas cans that I carry in the back of the truck.  I just emptied them today so they will need to be filled before I leave town.  The fourteen gallon portable gas tank from Costco wasn't able to be properly fixed.  The handle leaked gas all over the place.  I improvised with the repair but I won't be bringing that tank with me.  The gas cans that I will bring will provide 15 gallons.  That's about 200 miles with really lousy mileage.  Not enough to get me back home but if I keep the tank full I will be ok.  I have the ability to get fuel at places other than just the gas station if need be. 

I'm bringing grandkids with me on this trip.  I'll probably also bring the dog.  Because of this I need to pack the shell differently.  Normally the work truck has a bug-out bag, a two week bag (14 changes of clothes), several pairs of boots, the sleeping bag, a week or two of food, water, fuel, sleeping bag and extra blanket, tools, and many more items.  Having the kids with me means more food, more sleeping bags, more bug-out bags, and some additional cold weather gear (it's raining again).  One of the grandkids that's coming is a 16 year old.  He doesn't live with me so he isn't quite use to my teaching map reading, directions, or answering many of the what if questions that I ask the grandkids who do live with me.  He's going to get a good dose this trip. 

The last trip I brought him on I made him look out the window instead of turning into a zombie listening to his music on his headphones.  I pointed out types of vegetation, geology, and such.  This trip I'm going to make it a little more difficult.  I'm going to have him think about a What If situation on the way home.  I will pose it to him on the way down. 

This is something we should all be thinking about when we travel.  Last time I traveled I was in Sacramento and there was a gunman hiding in a parking garage less than 1/2 mile away.  What about an earthquake?  Riot? Dirty bomb? There are many possibilities. Ok, not a wildfire this trip!  He's going to have to figure out how to get us home with some of the freeways closed, and not bringing us through inner city streets.  He's going to have to look at the map and try to come up with other routes. 

Perhaps we'll play the UTM game.  I provide a coordinate, the kids have to figure out where it is, and then they direct me to it.  I prefer UTMs rather than Lat/Long.  It's easier and doesn't deal with the curvature of the earth.  Everything is in a straight line from the point that you are at.  I put together a good training class on UTMs.  Perhaps when I return I'll incorporate it into a post.

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