Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Chicken

I'm known as the farmer at my office.  Yesterday at the office someone said that her son was given a chick as a gift.  They kept it for a week and now don't know what to do with it.  She offered it to me, sort of.  She said that someone else said she'd take it but if it was a cockrel then she'd give it back.  I said I'd take it no matter the sex.  She gave it to the other person anyway.  That person brought it home then called me to ask if I thought it would be too cold to leave it in the coop at night.  I had no idea how big it was or if it was feathered out.  I suggested that she put the box she brought it home in into the coop with a hole in the side so the chick could go in and out.  This way it would be warm if it got too cold and it could also have a place to hide if her other chickens were picking on it. 

This morning I got a call asking if I wanted the chicken.  The other person wanted to keep it in the house but her husband said no, he didn't want it at all.  So now it's mine.  It isn't fully feathered and needs to be kept warm for another week.  After that it will be able to go out into the coop.  I will make an area it can run and hide in as it's not going to be accepted by the others for quite a while.  I certainly don't mind getting free chickens.  This one even came with five pounds of food.

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