Monday, December 13, 2010

What's in your medicine cabinet

Today in Survivalblog was a list of ten essential OTC medications to stockpile.  After reading the list I decided I liked the list.  I would add a few more, including aspirin.  Nevertheless, I decided to look in my medicine cabinet and see how much of each I had on this particular list.  I'm still in the process of restocking my meds since I had the one houseguest's relative who helped themselves to everything they could find - all my prescription drugs and most of my OTCs.  I FAILED miserably!  I didn't realize it but I have almost nothing.  I have some items in the trailer and some in the vehicles.  But What if IT is Today?  I'm in big trouble. 
I'll just go over the list in order and include what I have in the house
1.  Ibuprofen - 500 tablets of 200 mg. and 100 tablets of 400 mg.
2.  Acetaminophen - 500 caplets of 500 mg.
3.  Diphenhydramine - 30 tablets of 25 mg.  
4.  Loperamide - nothing
5.  Pseudoephedrine - 10 tablets of 240 mg.
6.  Meclizine - nothing
7.  Ranitidine - nothing
8.  Hydrocortisone cream - 2 tubes
9.  Bacitracin ointment - 2 tubes
10.  Clotrimazole - nothing
I do have other types of medicines and I'll list them tomorrow.  But looking at this list, I need a trip to Costco...

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