Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Symbolism of Christmas

Many say that Christmas is an American holiday and everyone should celebrate it.  They are truly wrong.  It is a Christian holiday and those who want to celebrate Christmas as an American holiday because it's fun rather than a religious commemoration are missing the true meaning.  We think the commercialization robs it from its religious values but so much of what is thought of as commercialism is truly symbolic.   The meaning is forgotten in the American holiday.

The wood tree - the wood of the cross and life and resurrection. 
A star on the top of your tree - the stars that the wise men followed.  (same with the lights on your house)
Tinsel - angel's hair and therefore is a symbol of the angels who attended the birth of Jesus. 
Mistletoe - is a symbol of life. 
The wreath -  the crown of thorns.
The red berries - the blood. 
Gifts - to remember the gifts of the wise men.
More gifts - for the unselfishness of Jesus

Each Christmas symbol does have religious importance.  When you have these symbols in your home do not distance yourself from the religious significance and adopt them into an American celebration that is merely fun.  This is disrespectful to the Christian religion. 

Merry Christmas to my Christian friends.  Have a wonderful day.

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