Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Preparing Your Family website giveaway of Food Production Systems For a Backyard or Small Farm

Rourke, over at put up a post about a contest at website.  They,, are holding a give away of a course from Rooster Crows Productions on DVD called 'Food Production Systems For a Backyard or Small Farm' .  This DVD is broken down into 10 different modules.  It looks like it would provide quite a bit of information, and video is great for showing how it's done.  It's one thing to read about how to do something, it's even better to see it in action - even if that action is on the screen.


This would be an asset to us as we try to be self sufficient with our food.  We aren't self sufficient enough at the moment but getting closer each year.  I hope I win the contest.  If I do, I'll report on what I've learned and applied to our lives.  I'm new to their website but it's one that I'm going to continue reading.  Check it out. 

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