Friday, May 20, 2011

Energy Security

It's an interesting day in the news world.  Rarely do I discuss any type of politics because there are people on both sides of the political spectrum that realize the world is not a stable place and we need to prepare for whatever comes...most of the politics or whatever is going on in the world is not something that is under our direct control. 
First the president wants Israel to commit suicide by going back to their 1967 border.  Does the president remember how come Israel's border expanded?  Of course not, he was 6 years old, and I guess he didn't learn it in church or in his history books.  During the war when Syria attacked Israel, Israel captured the Golan Heights.  Right after the war Israel offered to give the land back to Syria if Syria promised peace.  Syria did not agree because they don't acknowledge Israel's right to exist.  Now it's 44 years later.  Syria still doesn't want Israel to exist so I'm not quite sure why Israel should be pushed into something like this.
The other bit of news, and one that affects us directly, is that of new information regarding energy security.  It seems that Bin Laden's plans included blowing up tanker ships and disrupting the world's oil supplies.  The plans also discussed pipelines and such.  There weren't any dates gleaned from this information which is why it's just a warning and not pushed to a higher threat level.  I do know that energy security is a huge topic, and one that one of my brothers is heavily involved in. 
While a good deal of our oil does not come from the middle east, energy security is an issue everywhere.  What if today was the day that the gas stations stopped pumping gas?  Even if it was only for a week?  Would you be able to get to work?  Would you have a job to go to?  If you lost a week's pay, or your job, would you be able to survive?  Would you get kicked out of your house or apartment because of a lack of gasoline?  What about supplies getting to the stores?  You do have a year or two supply of everything that you may possibly need, right? 
Then again, you may not need it.  Several people I know are quite uneasy about tomorrow since Harold Camping's Christian group is calling for the end of the world to start tomorrow and be completed in October.  This is the same man who said the world was going to end seven years ago.  When it didn't it was just because he made a mathematical error.  I'm sure if there is any earthquake (never mind that there are earthquakes every single day ) it will be attributed to Camping's prediction. 
Today we got most of the peppers planted and the tomatoes too.  The ground has been so wet that we decided to wait to plant most everything.  They were all in nice sized pots so it didn't hurt to keep them in the pots until now.  Granddaughter got the gardening bug and has decided that she is planting carrots, parsnips, turnips, and beets in her bed.  She also has another bed for flowers.    She captured some grasshoppers and fed them to the chickens.  I think it's going to be a really bad grasshopper season.  We have the ducks roaming the garden, and we may let some of the chickens do the same. 
I saw Granddaughter's teacher on Wednesday and I reported that she is working really hard on her math now that she is home schooled.  The teacher wanted to know if she was working hard happily or if she was being forced.  What? She couldn't believe that the child would do her school work without being forced.  I guess that's the reason I pulled her out of school to teach her at home.  She is happily doing her math and is actually learning something.  How many carrots, parsnips, turnips, and beets can you plant in a 16x4 foot bed?  Lots of practical math.  Lots of multiplication and fractions.  Lots of fun.

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