Thursday, May 19, 2011

Half price deals

Throughout the country there are companies who are promoting half price deals to try to get you to try out smaller companies.  I check out these lists quite often but have rarely purchased anything.  Often the deals are $10 for a $20 coupon at some restaurant or other.  I don't go out to eat just to go out to eat so even at half price I wouldn't purchase them.  A month ago or so there was a deal that I missed.  I'm really glad that it ran again.  The company is G.I. Jim's Surplus and Supply in a little town called Tollhouse.  I get up there a couple times a year so I bought three coupons.   The link is .  This deal is good for another 3 days only and the coupons are good for a year.  Anything I can do to get stuff that I may use at a good price I will do.  On something like this I don't worry about whether someone is going to be tracking what I'm doing.  They have a lot of camping supplies there so it's not just a store for survivalists.   

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