Monday, May 2, 2011

More on bug control

I was asked how you use some natural recipes to get rid of bugs.  I'm listing a few. 
1.  Baking soda and sugar.  Mix these two ingredients together in equal amounts.  Put into a shallow bowl.  Creatures like cockroaches will be attracted to the sugar and eat this mixture.  The baking soda will kill them. 
2.  Ivory soap and water.  Put about an ounce of ivory soap (either liquid dish soap or a bit of grated bar soap) into a spray bottle.  Spray it on bugs both in the garden and in the house.  It will kill them quickly.
3.  Instant grits and potato chips. Mix some grits with some smashed potato chips.  Put it near the ant colony.  They will eat some and bring some to their queen.  They will bloat up and die.  Leave them a little water just to make sure they have water. 
4. Hot water.  Have a bucket of boiling water (or really hot). Go to an ant hill and stomp around for a while.  The ants will come up to investigate.  Pour the hot water on them!  Do this a couple of days in a row and you should finally get the queen.
I use the Ivory soap and water mixture in my garden to kill all kinds of bugs.  We have an ant problem in the garden as well.  There's nothing worse than working in the garden and being attacked by biting ants.  It's very satisfying to kill them! 

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