Thursday, May 5, 2011

The new swimming pool aka we must be rednecks!

My IRS issue has been resolved and they finally refunded me my money.  It only took 10 weeks.  It's amazing how the government wants their money and if you are a day late you owe all kinds of penalties.  When they owe you, not even a sorry it's late, not a cent in interest is given.  But I have my money.  Now how to spend it.  I've always been one to pay my bills on time, mainly because other than this expensive house we live in we don't have many bills.  Lately, however, things have seemed to just suck money from me.  I paid those bills off and still have a few thousand to spend. 
I have extra money because I now get a deduction for having the grandkids so I figured I should buy something for them.  Of course, I always have survival in the back of my mind so there's no trip to Disneyworld like they wanted.  How about a pool?  Sure, only I can't afford a real pool.  Today I picked up a new "pool" from Tractor Supply.  It's a 625 gallon 8 foot round by 2 foot deep pool.  Sure it's a cattle tank but around here, it's a great summer pool.  It's got a valve at the bottom that I can attach a hose to if I need to drain it.  Right now it's in the middle of the backyard.  I'm going to think about where it's going to be put permanently.  I want it to catch the rainwater off a roof but for now, the well is pumping out the water for it.  Won't they be surprised when they get home from school!
I'm also going to purchase a water tank and plant it next to the barn.  It will collect the water from the barn roof.  I'm going to look seriously into solar because I have enough money to get a small system set up.  It's not so scary now since I got the solar set up on the front gate opener.  And as per my normal, I can never have enough fruit trees - we picked our first cherries yesterday.  I need more fruit trees!  The propane tank is full.  It's a good day.


  1. Truly sounds like a great day. In the past we have had soft sided pools of different sizes to cool off. The last one died, so I'm trying to convince others that a cattle tank is what we need. Did you get the reinforced plastic, or galvanized?

  2. We purchased the Poly Tank which is a heavy duty plastic. I've seen them in use on ranches and they hold up well. The metal tank was actually cheaper but the rim gets really hot out in the sun and I didn't want the kids to burn themselves.